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Tired of Feeling Like You’re Alone?


It’s easy to feel like you’re alone and that you don’t have any help. 2020 was one of the most difficult years we’ve ever faced in the fitness industry. COVID-19 related challenges, local and federal regulatory issues, changing consumer trends, and canceled memberships can all make you feel overwhelmed and as though you’re alone.

I recently spoke with a former health club operator who told me his biggest challenge was feeling like he was alone.  

The truth is you’re not alone — there is help. There are mastermind groups that can help you in whatever management situation you find yourself in. Do you need advice or recommendations? Do you need access to additional resources? Do you need accountability? Do you need to learn new ideas or best practices? Mastermind groups are great for all of these.

What are mastermind groups and how can they help? Mastermind groups are peer to peer groups with up to 10 people — not including a moderator — who meet twice a month online. Mastermind groups provide best practices, accountability, networking, new ideas, data/research and support from like-minded professionals.

Who else is in the mastermind groups? Professionals who are like-minded who have similar job responsibilities. There are four types of mastermind groups: groups for owners, CEOs or presidents; groups for general managers and management; groups for sales and marketing leaders; and groups for personal training and Group X directors.

What kind of support will I get? The moderator, the “round-robin” format and the pre-selected members for each group make sure you’ll get maximum support. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be held accountable, and you’ll have access to new ideas and best practices. Also, you will not be placed in a group with a competitor. This way you and your fellow group members can fully commit to the process and get the most out of your group. 

How do I get started? Ask others who are currently in mastermind groups to point you in the right direction. 

What will happen if you “go at it alone?” If you go at it alone, odds are you won’t be as successful as you otherwise could be. Expect to feel frustrated and in many ways, like you’re having to recreate the wheel every day. What’s worse is that even when you feel as though you’re making progress, you won’t have certainty. You’ll likely second guess your decisions and/or potentially choose inefficient ways to solve your problems.

Why would you do this? Why wouldn’t you just use the resources and experiences of others? 

For more info on joining a mastermind group, go to clubsolutionsmgx.com or contact Bob Surface, the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, at bob@peakemedia.com.

Bob Surface

Bob Surface is the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups. You can contact him at bob@peakemedia.com.

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