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Adding Cryotherapy to Your Gym


Cryotherapy is the leading and preferred recovery modality for millions of Americans and is only increasing in popularity, availability and demand. Cryotherapy has a plethora of benefits — namely, muscle recovery, increased blood flow and feel-good endorphins from brief, intense, yet comfortable cold exposure. 

The demand for health and recovery has been booming recently and more members are looking to get these services at their gym or health club. Many gyms such as UFC FIT, NFL FIT, Regymen Fitness, Xsport Fitness and Experience Fitness have already started adding cryotherapy and other services to their offerings. Members report feeling better, able to workout harder and more often, and are willing to pay more on top of their existing membership. Not only does cryotherapy create happier, healthier members, it also adds a new revenue stream, and allows for differentiation and increased member retention. 

The goal of cryotherapy is to achieve a 30 to 40 degree skin temperature drop in a short period of time — i.e. two to three minutes. This triggers the body’s natural fight or flight response, causing blood to rush from the extremities to the core, protecting vital organs. After the session, freshly oxygenated blood is delivered throughout the body, aiding in healing and reducing inflammation. Cryotherapy can produce a fun, enjoyable and beneficial experience that provides perfect synergies to members in the fitness industry and should not be overlooked when considering adding new services. 

When thinking about adding cryotherapy, the amount of options can be shocking with many brands and types available, often at high, upfront costs. The two main differences are nitrogen versus electric, and U.S. versus foreign. 

Nitrogen systems are often less expensive upfront, but come with costly, troublesome, dangerous nitrogen gas refills, and do not provide cryo to the entire body. Electric cryo on the other hand does not require any variable costs to run, does not use dangerous gases, and allows one to two people to comfortably do a true full-body session together. 

When it comes to cryotherapy, U.S. manufacturing and service is a very important consideration to ensure the system was built to U.S. standards and service is readily available to keep the system cold.


CryoBuilt is the leading manufacturer of electric cryotherapy systems in the U.S. with over 100 systems in operation, U.S. manufacturing, a nationwide service network, and remote tech support capabilities. CryoBuilt can be reached at support@cryobuilt.com or visit cryobuilt.com.

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