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Increase Show Rate: 2 New Lead Strategies

Increase show rate

How to increase show rate at your health club with two new lead strategies.

We’ve all had this happen before – You have a great conversation with a new lead and successfully booked them into your free trial. The new lead then no shows on the day they are scheduled to come in. If this is a trend in your fitness facility it is time to look at why this might be happening and how to fix it fast.

Here’s two strategies to help increase show rate:

Proper Needs Analysis

This is something I am most passionate about and yet rarely perfected on a first conversation with a new lead. A proper needs analysis is where you are asking powerful questions to uncover a customer’s “why.”

Remember, there is only one true reason why someone joins a gym and that is to reach a goal. Whether that goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or get ready for an event, you must uncover that specific reason because it will be a motivating factor in someone showing up and purchasing.

One of the reasons people don’t show up for a free trial is because you didn’t spend enough time uncovering what their needs are. Try and have a few questions that you always ask as part of your needs analysis. For me I developed the S.U.P.S. Method. This line of questioning allows me to stay organized in my line of questions when I have a lead on the phone.

S: Specific Goal. You need to uncover a customer’s goal and it needs to be specific. This allows you to use that goal as a motivating factor for the customer.

U: Underlying Motivation. Probably one of the most important questions you will ask after uncovering their specific goal is “why” that is their goal. Without this information it becomes a lot more difficult to get someone excited to show up for a workout.

P: Past Experience. Understanding what the customer has done in the past is vital information as to “why” they might have failed previously in reaching their goal.

S: Strategy. I always make it a point to ask a lead what their plan is now. This is a great question because many times their answer will be involving you as the solution.

Make it a point to ask these questions when speaking to a lead for the first time because it will help in them understanding why they potentially might need your services.

Value Proposition

Once you spend some time talking through a customer’s goals and expectations it is time to lead back to you as the solution. Many times this comes in the form of a value proposition or elevator pitch. It is vital in this stage to keep this clear and concise. Think in terms of bullet points and not one big sentence. You should always have two to three reasons why your service is different than all the rest. If you can’t pinpoint two to three reasons why you are different you might not motivate the lead to come in.

This value proposition is also used when confirming the lead the day before they are scheduled to come in. Many times I see a manager or sales associate text a lead a reminder to come in. Let me say there is nothing exciting or motivating about that. 

“Hi Kory, just reminding you that your free workout is at 10 a.m. tomorrow.”

That is boring and no different than when my dentist confirms my appointment. No offense to my dentist, of course. Try incorporating your value prop and remind the lead why they need to come in. Don’t just confirm an appointment; help to motivate them as well.

“Hi Kory, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 10 a.m. for a workout. Excited to talk about your weight loss goal again and introduce you to our head coach, Sam.”

To increase show rate, it’s all about motivating a customer to think about how they can best reach their fitness goals and why you would be a great solution. If you get a customer to think about that, then why wouldn’t they want to show up to workout with you?

Kory Angelin

Kory Angelin is an award-winning fitness business executive and coach and CEO of the POWR SALES APP. Angelin is a two-time published author who is amongst the leaders in fitness influencing in the country. He has helped many large fitness enterprises all over the globe build reliable brands and craft unique customer experiences. For more, log onto www.koryangelin.com or follow him @koryfit.

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