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Proactive Wellness Brands Explode Despite Pandemic

proactive wellness

Brandon Campbell of Mito Red Light, Inc, shares how proactive wellness brands exploded in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The health and wellness industry is evolving more rapidly than ever before and it is imperative that health club owners adapt their business models accordingly.

The pandemic has drastically altered the way fitness services are delivered and experienced, and while that has garnered a lot of attention, it is not the most important trend that is becoming apparent.

While health clubs and gyms were shut down for months all across the country this last year, there were other health and wellness businesses that stayed open and experienced staggering growth as a result of the proactive wellness services that they provide to their customers. 

How did this happen?

The pandemic clearly demonstrated that the overall health of the general public is an even more pressing issue than most people fully realized. As a result, it is now abundantly clear that the average person is far more focused on their health than ever before.

That being said, many people are still apprehensive to resume activities that they were once engaged in and are now choosing alternatives. Not only that, they are also investing in their health with alternative modalities that the vast majority of health clubs don’t yet provide.

These proactive wellness services like photobiomodulation/red light therapy, infrared saunas, halotherapy, cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, compression therapy and more are becoming widely adopted. 

People are leveraging these services as effective ways to deal with stress, enhance recovery, improve immune system function, treat pain, balance hormones, and promote overall health and well-being. 

The businesses who are providing these services are growing rapidly. Some are even receiving accolades for their growth appearing on the Inc. 5,000 List of Fastest Growing Companies or even being awarded on Inc.’s Best in Business List.

This type of growth, even during unprecedented times, clearly demonstrates that these services are being sought out and utilized by more people than ever before.

This provides a tremendous opportunity to the health clubs that decide to lead the industry forward and begin innovating their service offerings to include these proactive wellness options to their members.

When implemented strategically, these types of services can powerfully differentiate any health club and even has the potential for them to secure their place as an “essential business” if another national or state lockdown type of scenario arises in the months or years ahead. 

As people continue to shift their focus more directly toward proactively caring for their own health, the businesses who are willing to provide these services to their customers will continue to experience compounding growth in brand recognition, membership sales and overall profitability.

Brandon Campbell

Brandon Campbell has been in the health and wellness industry for 19 years and is the acting director of the professional division of Mito Red Light, Inc. He can be reached at 480.900.7575 or by visiting ProWellnessNow.com.

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