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Episode 31: Climbing Jacobs Ladder and Beyond

Jacobs Ladder

“We’re not just a ladder climbing company, we’re a climbing company,” said Bob Palka, the owner of Jacobs Ladder, in this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast.

However, it’s been an evolution to this point. They began with one single product and have developed over time into a company with various pieces of climbing equipment.

Rico Francis, the president and co-founder of Peake Media, chats with Palka in this episode about the company’s creation, the breaks that saved them from going bankrupt and the evolution of products over time. Plus, they dive into the company’s history and growth, how Palka and his team can help club owners, and more. 

Show Notes from the Deep Dive on Jacobs Ladder

  • Palka’s background, including time spent at Proctor & Gamble and General Motors.
  • Not wanting to raise his kids in Detroit, Palka decided to reach out to 1,500 businesses in a five-county region. Here’s why.
  • How the idea for Jacobs Ladder came about from a construction guy.
  • The breaks that saved the company from almost going bankrupt — including airing on the Biggest Loser.
  • Needs and desires of dealers/customers determine production creation. Here’s how.
  • The fastest growing and highest selling product is…
  • How they get stronger as a company every day.
  • The value for the final user is a low impact and high intensity workout.
  • What durability has to do with the company.
  • How you can use challenges with these products to further your member experience.
  • In Palka’s words, these are the people who are now driving the market.
  • Figuring out how to prove it’s easier to work hard on their products took study done at LSU.
  • What lies ahead for the company.

The sponsor for this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is Jacobs Ladder.

We produce Jacobs Ladder, Jacobs Ladder 2, Stairway, Stairway GTL, RopeFit and the new Jacobs Ladder X. All of our products are manufactured at our one location in Niagara Falls, New York. The new Jacobs Ladder X boasts two additional climbing modes, STAND UP and SLED DRIVE, offering both a more intense and less intense workout. It sports new electronics, a new look and a beefier drivetrain for increased durability. It is self-powered and self-paced. All of our commercial products come with a four-year warranty. You are going to LOVE TO HATE us. For more information, call 716.692.1455, email info@jacobsladderexercise.com or visit jacobsladderexercise.com.

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