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Making Room for the Growing Recovery Trend

Growing Recovery Trend

CryoBuilt shares how your facility can take advantage of the growing recovery trend and boost profits in the process.

Recovery is quickly becoming a high demand amenity by members and if your gym doesn’t have one, you may be at risk of losing members. In addition to hurting your member retention, you are definitely missing out on lucrative cash flow that can be generated from a recovery space, if done correctly. 

The demand for health and recovery has been booming recently and more members are looking to get these services at their gym or health club. Many gyms such as UFC GYM, NFL FIT, Regymen Fitness, Xsport Fitness and Experience Fitness have already started adding cryotherapy and other recovery services to their offerings. Members report feeling better, being able to work out harder, and are willing to pay more on top of their existing  membership. Not only does a recovery area create happier, healthier members, it adds new revenue streams, allows for differentiation and increases member retention. 

What products should a recovery area include? The most popular recovery products include cryotherapy, leg compression and percussion massage. By just adding these three modalities, you can give a huge boost to your members’ recovery game. The best part is that each of these are very low touch and easy for members to use with little to no assistance from staff. Even better, if you select electric cryotherapy, there is no fixed cost per session, so the profitability and ROI are virtually unlimited.

Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, or cyro, is the most expensive but also the most rewarding form of recovery you can add to your offerings. Gone are the days of ice baths or cumbersome wraps. Modern cryotherapy chambers utilize hyper-cooled air in a fun, comfortable, breathable environment, where members can jump in for a short two to three minutes of recovery bliss. Electric cryotherapy chambers operate similar to a big freezer, and it is totally safe to put your entire body, including your head, into the chamber. If members are nervous or want some extra fun, there is enough space to do cryo with a buddy.

How much space is needed? A fully outfitted recovery area can fit into relatively small areas, and it is very easy to repurpose an existing room or corner to create a unique and highly desirable recovery space in as little as 100 to 250 square feet. The space requirements depend on how many services and quantities of each you want to add, but typically, all you need is one cryo chamber, a handful of leg compression boots, and one to five percussion massage devices. A great upgrade to create a more relaxing recovery space is to add lounge or massage chairs that can function as dual usage with compression boots or percussion massagers before or after members use the cryo chamber.

What are members willing to pay for these services? Many gyms are adding recovery services as either a-la-carte single purchases, or offering full access as an upgraded, monthly membership. Gym members are inherently interested in recovery, as it plays a huge role in fitness and feeling better. So, there is a price point and option for each member to utilize and benefit from these services, resulting in happier, healthier members who will keep coming back for more.


CryoBuilt is the leading manufacturer of electric cryotherapy systems in the U.S. with over 100 systems in operation, U.S. manufacturing, a nationwide service network, and remote tech support capabilities. CryoBuilt can be reached at support@cryobuilt.com or visit cryobuilt.com.

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