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Making Appointments Easy for Your Members


Technology is making it easier for members to schedule appointments. Implement this at your club for better customer service.

As a club operator you have probably wondered how you could reduce or redirect labor costs at your front desk without sacrificing the customer service extended to your members. And, at the same time, how you can make it easier and more convenient for your members to complete transactions that are important to them. An example is the process a member must go through to schedule an appointment with a service provider. Typically, this requires the member to spend quite a bit of time on the phone or in person at the front desk. And, depending on the number of staff at the front desk and the number of members checking in, this can take some time.

Technology is about to change that. With the hire-a-trainer functionality, with a single click a member can pull up a list of all the personal trainers — or Pilates instructors, swim coaches, massage therapists, etc. — read about them, their certifications, what they specialize in and any testimonials, kudos or videos they want to post. Once the member chooses the service provider they want to work with, a single click then takes them to their calendar and allows them to see the days and times available to book. The member is then able to book the appointment all on the app without having to spend time at the front desk or on the phone. The member also has the ability to cancel an appointment they are unable to keep.  

Trainers and other service providers will continue to be responsible to post their own weekly schedules so that does not change. When a new member is offered a complimentary session, it allows the sales associate to book the appointment for them and put it on the calendar.  

Trainers also have the added benefit of requesting a substitute through the mobile app. So, if they are ill, traveling or unable to keep an appointment, they have the option of requesting another trainer to take their appointments. Finally, the club has the ability to charge for no shows or late cancellations.

Make it easier for your members and save valuable labor dollars all with your mobile and web portal app.

Mike Alpert

Mike Alpert is the chief operating officer at Smart Health Clubs. He can be reached at (951) 205-1136 or Mike@Smarthealthclubs.com.

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