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Book More Appointments and Boost Sales Funnel Results

book more appointments

Two tricks to book more appointments and boost sales funnel results at your health club.

You pull up your customer relationship management software (CRM) knowing that the setup is the key to success. The more appointments scheduled equals the more memberships you’re going to close. The setup for today though is weak. You need more appointments if you’re going to hit your numbers.

The natural first step is to hit the phones. Time for a call party because you know more calls means more appointments. The plan is great except more calls isn’t booking more appointments, at least not nearly as many as you expected with the number of people answering the phone.

What’s the issue?

Making more calls works most of the time, but not all the time. What we say on those calls has a larger impact. A terrible call made 100 times could book as many appointments as making zero calls. The key is to make 100 great calls.

Here are two tricks you need your team to follow to book more appointments and boost sales funnel results:

Trick 1: Assume the Name

The first trick is going to send a shiver up your spine. Remember the last time you answered a call from a number you didn’t recognize?

“Hello, is this Anthony?”

The first thing you did, and all your prospects do is put up a wall taller and stronger than the city of Troy. Who is this? What do they want from me? How did they get my number and how can I block them? When the call starts off asking if the person you’re calling is the person you’re calling you’re quite literally going to need a Trojan Horse tactic to overcome that and book the appointment.

Virtually everyone has their own cell phone number and no home phone. The odds of calling someone and it being the person you are calling are extremely high. Take that risk and open the call in a positive tone that doesn’t throw up the body armor.

“Hi Tony, this is Raphael from YouFit Health Clubs!” 

Take the risk to be personable, you are in the people businesses aren’t you? 

Trick 2: Give the Prospect a Reason

At this point the prospect knows who is calling them and they know who they are. Before they can even wonder what this call is about, you tell them and you have their attention and respect.

“The reason I’m calling you…”

Then fill in the blank after with your call to action. Whether they were signing up online and didn’t finish the process or they have a guest pass they have not used yet, give them a reason to set up your call to action.

These are two tricks anyone can immediately implement to book more appointments. Put yourself in as a lead in your CRM and take note. Do they assume your name? Do they tell you why they’re calling?

These two fixes are guaranteed to increase your appointment booking and show percentage. Once the skill is there the will rises. When you decide to make more calls, you’ll get the end result you want – you’ll book more appointments.

Raphael Konforti

Raphael Konforti is the senior director for YouFit Health Clubs. He's worked in a variety of roles leading personal trainers, group instructors, fitness managers, general managers and multi-club managers. He has a passion for developing teams and systems by making things simple, actionable and fun. He's been published in multiple consumer fitness magazines and platforms to help people live happier, healthier lives. To find out more, go to youfit.com and follow him @RaphaelKonforti.

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