Add Innovation to Your Gym with the Brewer’s Ledge Laddermill

SONY DSCA lot of gyms these days need to add innovative equipment to attract and retain members. The Laddermill is one of the few pieces that can fill that need, while adding legitimately challenging and useful movement — the kind of movement that uses every muscle in your body while honing your balance and mental awareness.

And, since your members and clients have varying degrees of mental stamina and fitness, the Laddermill has easy speed and angle adjustments to accommodate everyone — young or old. When you climb onto the Laddermill it is completely stationary and only moves when you do. Even at a stand-still, you get a low-impact workout that stimulates the core and engages balance. As the speed increases, your clients begin to enjoy not only a stellar, full-body aerobic exercise, but also a stronger connection between mind and body.

At the easiest angles and with the included side handles, the exercise is very similar to a stepper, but by adjusting the angle to an overhang, you can begin a hardcore strength workout. At the steepest angles someone will end up doing the equivalent of dozens of knee raises in a single session while getting biceps, lats and grip strength work at the same time.

In addition to the amazing exercise potential, the thrilling vertical look of the Laddermill and the contemporary color scheme will enhance your gym’s visual appeal. It’s a naturally eye-catching piece of equipment that people just can’t wait to try out.

Special Features:

The Laddermill is derived from the Treadwall rotating climbing wall and brings with it decades of design dependability, proven lasting power and member enjoyment. The robust materials and welded construction of the Laddermill will last dozens of years and take extreme abuse. And, since they do not use electric motors, there is virtually no maintenance or repair costs. Every Laddermill comes with:

  • Brushed stainless steel rungs for an easy to clean, no-slip grip.
  • Stainless steel side handles.
  • Fully adjustable speed control with motorless operation.
  • Easy-to-use distance, time and calorie counter.
  • Quick angle changing using long-lasting hydraulic components.
  • Built in auto-stop feature that requires no belts, harness or extra work.
  • 10-year structural warranty.


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