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Ask an Expert on Continuing Education


webYou have questions, we have answers. We took some time this month to speak with Jamal Thruston, a personal trainer at Baptist East Milestone in Louisville, Kentucky, on the importance of continuing education to his training business.

Why did you choose to get ACE’s Weight Management Specialty certification?

JT: I wanted to be more than a standard trainer. When people look at me, I wanted them to see what I was passionate about. The specialty certification has allowed me to be looked at differently, just like a specialized physician is seen differently.

Helping the overweight is my love, and it was great to see that I could learn more on how to better help that population.

Why are unique certifications now vital to trainers in the industry? 

JT: More people are becoming personal trainers, which is great, but how are you going to stand out? Getting unique certifications will allow you to market yourself stronger, and work with the types of clients you are best suited for.

How do you pursue CECs as a trainer? 

JT: When I look for CECs, I ask the question, “What is going to make me a better trainer?” We are all strong and weak in different areas, so I keep that in mind as I look through up-coming workshops, conferences, or as I choose a certification.

Why are CECs important to pursue? 

JT: This field is evolving everyday. For the safety of your clients, and for the health of your business, it is essential to continue learning what is going on. Every time I feel like I have figured things out, there’s always a curve ball to teach me otherwise!

What are some creative certifications you are considering for the future, and why? 

JT: I am interested in ACE’s Fitness Nutrition Specialist and ACSM’s Health Fitness Specialist. These would further empower my knowledge base and make it easier for me to help my weight management clientele.

Why is Continuing Education Important?

1. Enhanced marketability as a trainer.

2. Achieve faster results for clients. 

3. Prevent burnout.

4. Receive higher trust from prospects.

5. Become the expert!

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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1 Comment

  1. scott June 13, 2014

    please forgive,what i am going to call: constructive criticism here…to begin with,if most trainers were REALLY interested in being as helpful as possible to club membership overall,they would simply APPLY principles in SCIENCE,…….which is almost entirely in stark contradiction,to what is practiced in nearly all gyms these days,with the use of functional/core training and all the other total nonsense we see.
    Soooo,when i read these kinds of mini interviews with trainers who are glowing with ambition about helping people,it strikes me as bizarre as ever. The absolute best bang for the buck,for 90+% of the people in gyms,is PROPERLY done,full range of motion,slow and controlled, resistance exercise,using both machines and free weights;a note on Kettlebells? nobody should EVER,EVER be swinging a weight,EVER! the forces on the joints,unless you are VERY well trained,are just too dangerous. HOW this EVER entered gyms,is a testament to (again) the nonsense that has been so pervasive. Its a cold,dark fact,that people get too bored and drop out of most strength training programs;yet,this has been proven beyond any doubt,to be the MOST helpful to people,in every sense: Weight management,bone density/health,strength/vitality of ligaments,tendons,cartilage and all of the connective tissue elements of a joint structure;hormone and blood sugar stability;increased systemic metabolic efficiency,and on,and on. Most every other form of exercise is certainly a less than great use of time and energy in a gym,and even dangerous.
    NEVER forget: “FIRST get strong,and you will then be BETTER prepared for all other activities in life”
    that “other” famous line,that says “we live in a 3 dimensional world,and should therefore not be restricted to training with one dimensional exercises,like machines”….is WRONG!! and should go into the MisInformation Hall of Fame.

    You dont see this stuff,in a certification course,because clubs are basically in the DARK on how to really help people,and,OH! business is doing just fine,without any silly science to ruin things.

    Scott CSCS,strength machine engineeer,science consultant


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