Those Who Workout Together, Stay Fit Together

Dan Tierney decided to make a change in his life when his fiancé told him to start taking better care of himself physically. It was then that they both decided to get into shape. They wanted to find a fun, engaging program, but most importantly, something they could do together.

They read about Throwback Fitness online and decided to give it a try. “The first time we went, I was unbelievably gassed,” said Tierney. “I remember stumbling out onto 5th Avenue and not being able to stand up, which was surprising because I had always been in relatively good shape, but I had gained around 10 pounds and I could feel it in my endurance. So Throwback was a really incredible workout.”

Brian Gallagher and Ryan Wilke founded Throwback Fitness, located in New York City, with the goal of offering an engaging, competitive workout that incorporated teamwork.

According to Tierney, the workout starts with an icebreaker so everyone has the opportunity to get to know one another. Next comes the physical education section of class where participants partner up and rotate between rowing and completing an off-rower circuit.

“When you are done with your exercises off the rower, you switch with your partner,” explained Tierney. “The goal is to see how far you can row in that time with your partner. It is really cool because you can have your individual goal, but you can also have a team goal.”

Tierney’s favorite part of class is the recess section, in which participants play team games such as capture the flag. “They are the sort of things that make you forget that you are working out so hard, because it is so fun and there is so much camaraderie and enthusiasm all around.”

Tierney believes the secret to Throwback Fitness’ success is the welcoming environment and accessibility. Whether you are new to fitness or in great shape, Throwback provides a tough, yet non-intimidating workout.

“I think this is the sort of thing where you don’t even realize you are getting such a great workout until afterward, when you sit back and realize that you really got a good sweat in,” he said. “I mean, I come pretty much everyday now and I still find new ways to push myself and stay engaged with it.”

An added benefit for Tierney is the team aspect, which makes it the perfect workout for him and his fiancé. “We have goals that we have set for ourselves and for each other,” he said. “It is so much more fun to achieve our goals together.”


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