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Mobile Micro-moments


The U.S. has become a smartphone society. Over 70 percent of the population owns a smartphone. According to Google consumer surveys, 68 percent of smartphone owners say they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. Almost everyone has their phone at their side, day and night. For businesses, mobile has the potential to reach their audience day and night as well.

The average smartphone user uses their phone over 100 times per day. They text their friends when they’re late to a dinner, check their work email while waiting in line, they’re sharing updates on social media. Not all of these moments are ideal for reaching out to your audience. People don’t want to be bombarded with business communication all the time. But there are several moments when you should be there as a fitness business.

I-Want-To-Know Moments. You’re in the grocery store and want to know what protein-rich food to add to your dinner. Or you’re watching Netflix in bed and decide you need to know something about healthy sleeping habits. These I-want-to-know moments are when people grab their smartphone to look up knowledge. And as a fitness business, you should be there to share that knowledge. For instance, via knowledge groups in your club’s own mobile app.

I-Want-To-Go Moments. An example of an I-want-to-go moment is the crucial moment when someone decides to turn around their lifestyle and join a gym. They grab their phone and find a “gym near me.” Through mobile search, 51 percent of smartphone users have discovered a new company. A high-ranking mobile-ready website, or a spot on a club listing, is how you reach these people.

I-Want-To-Do Moments. These are the moments when people are in the middle of a task and need instructions. An obvious example is during their training. They might know which exercises to do, but might need instructions on proper form. This is a moment when they grab their mobile phone to look up info. If your club has a mobile app that provides clear exercise instructions, you not only provide great service to your clients, but also improve their perception of your business.

I-Want-To-Buy Moments. If I-want-to-go moments are the moments when people decide which gym to visit, I-want-to-buy moments are when they decide if your memberships are worth their money. They decide this based on testimonials, reviews, referrals and so on, so be sure to be present in the right places on the internet. And don’t forget that over 200 million Americans buy online: a web store is a great online extension of your business to reach both new and existing clients.

Be There, Be Useful and Be Quick. These are the three tenets of mobile micro-moments. Get your website mobile-ready, keep offering a great service level and use the right tools to grow your business in the digital sphere. That way, you will be there when people pick up their smartphones, ready to win them over.


Hugo Braam is a technology evangelist in the fitness industry and co-founder of virtuagym.com, provider of innovative software and mobile apps for health clubs and personal trainers. For more information email hugo@virtuagym.com.


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