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The Importance of Staying In-Tune


In our industry the member is our business. If we don’t have a membership base that sticks with us and wants to move forward, then we might as well be operating a train without any passengers or cargo. What is the point?

One of the best ways to stay in-tune with your current membership base is to put yourself in their shoes. If you were a member, what would you expect upon each and every visit? If you can keep your member intrigued and involved, they will remain loyal.

Here are some quick “Stay In-Tune Tips” that all clubs can utilize:

Connect: If members don’t feel a connection from day one (whether it is from staff, your programming schedule or the other members), their chances of staying long term are pretty slim. Plus, it’s equally important for upper management to be visible as it is your front-of-house team.

Customer Service: Aim for excellence in all areas surrounding customer service. Members relate to staff that are empathetic, understanding and helpful. This one key factor can make or break your business.

Community: Create and nurture a sense of community within your gym. This will allow the member to feel connected and a part of something bigger than themselves. It is important that they feel a sense of belonging.

Cutting-edge: Members look for new and innovative ways to workout. Staying proactive and ahead of the game with programming and new offerings is key.

Communicate: In this industry, it will continue to remain important to reach out to your member. Conduct a member survey with an incentive for participating. You want to make them feel that their opinion matters. Make them feel heard.

The cost of retaining a current member is much lower than the cost to acquire a new one. Stay in tune with your member to ensure loyalty.

Jillian Kingdom is a member services expert at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa. For more information email jilliank@puravidaclub.com.


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