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What Keeps You Up at Night?

Club Management

I was recently talking to a club manager who told me that he had a number of issues that were keeping him awake at night.

When I asked what the issues were, he told me some issues that I’m sure many other managers struggle with. For example, there were cash-flow and staff issues, not enough customers and legislation worries. In addition he felt he was too busy and didn’t have enough time in the day to get everything on his long list of “to-do’s” completed.

The first thing I thought was, “This list is made up of things that all businesses face.” Secondly, I thought, “This list is one of worries, and as such, nothing can be done about them at night, or even during the day.” They didn’t seem like things worth worrying about at all.

I explained, “The things that should be keeping you awake at night are the ideas and inspirations you have for improving your business. You need to focus on your dreams and how you will grow your business with new marketing initiatives or new developments, for example.”

We all face challenges in our business, but we need to look for solutions and not let our worries keep us awake at night. If you’re struggling with worries, then I advise taking a step back. Start working on the business, and not in the business.

If this is a challenge, then get someone who knows nothing about your business to come and tell you what they think about what you do and how you do it. This can be an honest appraisal of what areas you need to work on.

Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past if you focus your energy into changing the “I can’t moments” into the “I can moments.” Continually change and adapt and keep focusing on the solutions and the positive outcomes.

In addition, be sure you have the right team around you. The right people will take some of the pressure that you face as a leader off of your shoulders. The wrong people will keep it on.

Paul Conway is the owner of Crown Fitness Club. For more information email crownfitnessclub@aim.com.


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