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Brick Bodies: Offering Soul Body Program is a ‘No Brainer’

Soul Body at Brick Bodies

As a club, you want to offer Group X programs that engage members and offer results. But, developing your own programming can be a huge stress.

With those challenges in mind, Vicki Brick, the CEO of Brick Bodies, partnered with Soul Body to offer the company’s barre programming to members. Soul Body simplified the programming process for Brick Bodies’ team of instructors, allowing the instructors to focus on just delivering a great workout.

Here, Brick shares additional benefits a Soul Body partnership has offered the club.

CS: How were you introduced to Soul Body and why did you decide to partner with them?

VB: I’ve know Ann Marie Barbour, the co-founder of Soul Body, for years. She used to teach for us at our Brick Bodies locations and her family are members of our clubs. Ann Marie and her co-founder, Stacey Vandiver, bring years of traditional Group X experience and barre experience to their Soul Body program. They are both high energy, knowledgeable and very passionate about barre, their Soul Body Squad and living a healthy lifestyle.

CS: What do you like about their barre program for your clubs?

VB: We like how Soul Body Barre simplifies the process for our team of instructors. Soul Body allows our team to focus on delivering a great workout, without having to take time to create their own choreography or choose music.

Since all of the Soul Body classes are pre-choreographed, it gives you a method of quality control and you can create consistency among instructors, which ultimately helps to improve the member experience.

CS: What do your members like about the program?

VB: Soul Body choreography keeps the heart rate up throughout most of the class while the members are toning and strengthening their body with low-impact movements. We have waitlists for many of our Soul Body classes and we offer it as a fee-based option. We get 25 people paying approximately $15 a class for the workout. Members vote with their feet. They love it.

CS: What has the process of working with Soul Body been like? Are they easy to work with?

VB: It’s a very easy process. Once you agree to offer Soul Body at your club, the Soul Body team will host at training. There are no licensing fees for the club and as an operator, you have access to a new pool of talent within the Soul Body team. It’s a no-brainier.

CS: What else do you think other club owners should know about Soul Body? 

VB: Soul Body offers two different barre formats, one using the ballet barre and one using the Body Bar for the “centered balance” work. The Soul Body team continually evolves. They recently released SoulBody Power, a 30-minute fusion of HIIT with barre strengthening exercises. Barre is HOT right now. All clubs can benefit from offering Soul Body programs regardless of whether you charge additional or offer it as part of your group exercise program.


For more information on Soul Body and how it can benefit your club, visit http://www.soulbodyonline.com/.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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