Why Sneeze.it ‘Delivers’ for Fitness Connection


As a health club, it’s hard to be an expert at everything. There are a lot of moving parts to running a successful business, including hiring, leadership development, managing fitness services and more. As a result, marketing your business can sometimes fall to the wayside.

Here, Dal Clayton shares why Fitness Connection partnered with Sneeze.it to take off some of the marketing burden, and the great results they’ve earned thanks to the partnership.

CS: How were you introduced to Sneeze.it, and why did you decide to use their services?

DC: Sneeze.It was introduced to me in 2011 as a company that could manage both the social media content for our gyms and execute our digital marketing efforts. At that time, we were primarily marketing through traditional channels such as radio, TV, and direct/shared mail. We were just starting to develop our digital marketing strategy.

CS: What are the benefits to your business as a result of this partnership? 

DC: Over the last few years, we were finding that our returns on the traditional marketing methods we had been primarily using were diminishing. Overall, consumers were shifting their attention to digital marketing channels.

Sneeze.It has since expanded their services and invested the time to learn the systems we were using to help streamline our processes and focus on finding and converting prospects into members, with a concentration on new and ever-expanding digital marketing methods.

Our assigned team at Sneeze.It also monitors our social media accounts, updates our web presences and manages our join online program. They support our digital marketing initiatives, collaborate on marketing spend and perhaps most importantly, work on finding us new ways to bring down our cost of member acquisition. They also work directly with and collaborate with our ad agency to ensure we are always promoting a consistent brand-focused message across all media channels.

CS: What have you learned about marketing or social media as a result of working with Sneeze.it

DC: We are now much better at prospect management and converting those prospects into members and retaining members much longer through strategic nurturing campaigns. Where we used to spend a lot of time and energy focusing on free passes, we now focus on getting prospects to join online. The results are amazing to see.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Sneeze.it in any way?

DC: I am amazed at the speed at which they get things done. We have a lot of moving parts and Sneeze.It always delivers what we ask in a timely manner.

CS: What else can you tell other club owners about the benefits of working with Sneeze.it

DC: Sneeze.It delivers. They understand the pressures of our industry and are able to meet difficult and demanding deadlines. They are always finding new methods for Fitness Connection to reduce the cost of member acquisition and retention, and they use comprehensive data to back up their findings.

Sneeze.It has become an integral part of our team, helping us make Fitness Connection a household name in the communities where we operate. Because they will not work with competing clubs, we can trust them to do what is in the best interest of our brand and company.


For more information on Sneeze.it, visit http://sneeze.it/.

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