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How Chuze Fitness Expanded Their Social Reach with Zettist


With 21 locations, Chuze Fitness’ leadership team has their plates full. As a result, social media marketing was a task that sometimes didn’t get the time and energy it deserved. At least that was the case before the fitness brand partnered with Zettist to manage its social media pages.

Here, Maica Peterson shares the benefits of working with Zettist and the ways the company has exceeded her expectations.

CS: Why did you decide to partner with Zettist to help manage your social media?

MP: The people at Zettist are on point with what we want. They also truly do their homework to understand the uniqueness of our brand. We’ve had experiences with other agencies who just don’t seem to “get” us at Chuze and our non-intimidating culture. For example, we’ve been proposed content with stock images of extremely ripped men with shirts off, or super fit women is sports bras. That might work for other gyms, but it is absolutely not in line with the Chuze brand. We want our online presence to be a reflection of the in-club experience. The people at Zettist get this concept and truly put in the time and effort to align the content they create for us to match our brand. We’ve also had experiences with outside agencies getting a little too comfortable working with us and, to be blunt; slacking. Zettist is a young, hungry company that has the drive to keep the work they give us equal to the sky-high standards we have for ourselves within the Chuze family.

CS: What are the benefits to your members as a result of this partnership?

MP: Because they know what our members want, they tailor information that they push out for us to target those people. It can be anything from an informative blog, to a tongue-and-cheek Facebook or Instagram post, a workout tip, nutrition advice or a motivational pin or Tweet so the members learn something new, get inspired or entertained. This is a win/win because relevant content spreads and with that comes brand awareness and more prospective members coming to check out Chuze.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Zettist in any way?

MP: We have definitely been presently surprised working with Zettist. Search engines like Google or social channels like Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms. Zettist stays educated to these alterations and tweaks how they manage our online marketing to reflect these changes. We can rest at ease this is true based on all of the reports we receive from them as well as a standing monthly meeting. Although Zettist does offer a “listening” service (responding to comments, messages, reviews, etc. on social channels), at Chuze we do that part in-house. The great thing partnering with Zettist is that we have an actual person we can contact at any time for support or questions. That is practically unheard of and creates an ease of use on our end and transparency with what all they are providing us as the client.

CS: What else should club owners know about the benefits of working with Zettist?

MP: Zettist will take work off of the plates of the marketing team members. In the past, some agencies have promised this, but it actually has ended up being more work (and money outsourcing it) with all of the back and forth. In nearly a year’s time and thousands of various marketing content pieces they have shot over to us, I literally do not think there was a single piece that we did not approve from Zettist.


For more information on Zettist, click the banner below:

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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