Rodney Steven II: ‘Anything Worthwhile is Hard to Get’

Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs has purchased three Miramont Lifestyle Fitness facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado, in addition to the brand’s multi-purpose boutique studio, Reve. This is the company’s first move into Colorado, and brings its total number of clubs to 44.

Genesis Health Clubs can now be found in five states: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. The Miramont Lifestyle Fitness clubs were purchased from the previous owner, Cliff Buchholz.

“I’ve known Cliff for a long time,” said Rodney Steven II, the owner of Genesis Health Clubs. “He has a great organization and I thought the clubs would be a great fit. We’ve grown a lot over the past few years and this allows us to go into a fifth state.”

Over the past few years, Genesis Health Clubs has seen substantial growth, the majority of which was accomplished through a number of key acquisitions, including the acquisitions of HealthRidge Fitness Center in Olathe, Kansas and 19 of 24 Hour Fitness’ Midwest locations.

“There’s always been growing pains at every step,” said Steven. “But I have a saying that’s in my clubs that says, ‘Anything worthwhile is hard to get.’ It’s a building process.”

As for future growth plans, Steven said the main focus currently is taking care of the clubs Genesis Health Clubs has acquired and establishing staff. “When you grow and acquire clubs, it takes time to build a strong core group of staff, so that’s an area of focus for us,” said Steven. “And then we have lots of construction going on, which always slows you down. So right now that will be the main focus.”

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