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GameChanger Strength & Performance Engages and Motivates Members with Myzone


The vast majority of health club members need an added dose of motivation for their harder workouts, and Myzone can give that extra push. With accurate heart rate tracking and an engaging ranking system, Myzone will motivate members to push themselves harder during workouts.

Here, Joe Meglio, the owner of GameChanger Strength & Performance in Springfield, New Jersey, shares why he partnered with Myzone and how it’s helped drive member engagement:

How were you introduced to Myzone and why did you decide to partner with them?

JM: We were with another heart rate monitoring company before Myzone, and I was really unhappy with the onboarding process, customer service — I never really felt like we got the help we needed. I heard the CEO of Myzone speak at an event I went to, I had a conversation with him, and told him about the frustrations we were having with the other company. From there, he took care of us — he was able to get us set up with Myzone and we never looked back.

What problems has Myzone helped solve for your club?

JM: The biggest benefit would be engagement with our members, especially the people who have been with us the longest. Having something to engage them is important and the gamification is critical. We really emphasize the Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) — we don’t really use them to drive our programming, but we do use them to drive the gamification of workouts, and reward members for showing up and putting the work in. So that member engagement is huge — our members don’t want to leave the gym until they get a certain number of MEPs, and then we also see them motivated to workout outside the gym.

What do your members like about Myzone?

JM: What they like most about Myzone is that it’s a tool that gives them feedback on their effort, how hard they’re working. Like I said earlier, they don’t want to leave until they get a certain amount of MEPs, so they definitely enjoy that aspect. It also helps with accountability outside the gym — they use it when they’re working out outside the gym. They like the ranking system too — for example, they don’t want to miss a month of getting 1,300 MEPs because they know they’re one step from getting bronze, silver or gold, whatever their next ranking is. The members who use it really love it for all the reasons we’ve talked about. It definitely helps with the extrinsic motivation of showing up and putting the work in while they’re here, and also motivating them when they’re not here.

How would you describe Myzone’s customer service?

JM: It’s great. The onboarding system was a night and day difference from that of our previous partner. We got the playbook and it was spot-on — we followed it to a tee. We introduced it to our coaches first, which is the best way to do it. If your trainers and staff don’t use it, your members are never going to buy into it themselves. We did an internal challenge with our coaches first, as they described in the onboarding playbook, and we just followed the plan they gave us. They told us step by step what to do, and we modified and tweaked it to fit our needs, but the process and support was exactly what we need in order to launch it effectively. I think the biggest takeaway I had was that you have to buy into it yourself, and your coaches and you have to use it, or else you’re not going to have much success selling it to your members.

Why should other club operators consider working with Myzone?

JM: Other operators should consider working with Myzone if they want to improve their retention and engagement with their members, and give their members an extra edge. Technology is going to be important in fitness moving forward, and even if it’s not the driving force behind our business, it’s going to be a part of our business. Partnering with a company that’s going to help give us that edge is really important.


For more information about Myzone, visit myzone.org.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine. He can be reached at bobby@peakemedia.com.

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