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Keeping Exercisers Engaged with Novelty


With exercisers juggling more demands than ever in today’s fast-paced lifestyles, it’s no surprise it seems harder to fit in workouts. When asked why they don’t exercise, people most often respond with “a lack of time.” As various diets proliferate, waistlines expand and lifestyle diseases become more prevalent, Americans desperately need regular exercise.

That means health clubs have an opportunity — some might even say a responsibility — to help individuals get in consistent workouts. Of course, people must have some discipline to get to the gym, but clubs play an important role in enticing them and keeping them coming back.

One way to appeal to exercisers is to offer highly efficient, effective workouts that get them in and out. Committing to a 15, 30 or 45-minute routine is more palatable than a session of 60 minutes or more. Scheduling these sessions at different times of day increases convenience for more members.

For maximum ROI, incorporating HIIT, including cardio and strength training, into scheduled workouts helps deliver good results, which enhances adherence and retention. HIIT routines are an ideal way to get the most out of limited time sessions — which is a big draw for time-crunched exercisers.

Clubs already know HIIT is all the rage and here to stay. But exercisers continue to need novelty and variety to stay motivated. So it’s essential to change offerings periodically — from Group X classes to virtual workouts to small group training — by using new equipment and accessories, offering different formats, combining multiple modalities and accommodating all levels of exercisers via regressions, progressions and options.

The good news is industry suppliers continue to deliver new ways to exercise, and fitness organizations offer diverse programming options. That, plus the creativity of passionate fitness professionals, can lead to a varied and appealing menu that becomes a win-win for clubs and exercisers.

Of course, not every offering should be HIIT, and clubs should also provide steady-state, moderate and light intensity programs according to their membership needs. Regardless of the format, workouts that are smartly designed and varied — via equipment, music, instructor, duration and more — are highly effective at keeping people moving. Isn’t that what this business is all about?


Ryan Simat is the general manager and vice president, commercial and specialty, at Octane Fitness. For more information, email sales@octanefitness.com or call 888.628.2634.

Ryan Simat

Ryan Simat is the general manager at Octane Fitness. For more information, contact the company at octanefitness.com or sales@octanefitness.com.

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