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As a fitness professional, it’s important to be aware of the latest trends in not only programming and technology, but fitness and wellness as a whole. 

One of the fastest-growing wellness trends is meditation, or mindfulness. According to Mindful Magazine, “Meditation’s popularity increased ‘more than threefold’ in the U.S. over the past five years,” based on the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Health clubs and studios are evolving in response with meditation coaching, classes and spaces — including meditation pods — becoming more popular and prevalent. 

As a fitness professional, it’s also important to understand the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, which include reducing stress, easing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and improving happiness and emotional intelligence. 

Research has found that a practice of daily meditation can also improve focus, cognition, memory and influence how we perceive, react and respond to experiences.

These benefits can translate to your work as a fitness professional, as well. When I first learned to meditate, I struggled with the practice on a consistent basis, but once I began to experience the numerous benefits, it became a habit I now rely on in the morning and throughout the day. 

For example, I found that when I spent as little as five minutes before a long or difficult meeting or conversation with an associate, I became more patient and focused, emotionally grounded and opened minded.  

Learning to power yourself down once a day can help make you healthier and happier, and give you the power to focus on creating positive expectations and outcomes for your fitness business and with your people.  

With this in mind, keep mindfulness or meditation on your radar as a growing trend to keep an eye on in 2019. 

As Mindful Magazine explained, “Mindfulness is no longer considered a ‘soft skill,’ but an essential part of overall health care … to treat everything from pain, loneliness, anxiety and burnout.”

Mo Hagan is the vice president of program innovation for GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro.

Mo Hagan

Mo Hagan is the VP of program innovation for GoodLife Fitness.

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