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How TRX Helps Best Fitness Educate and Engage Members


Equipment and technology are essential tools for health clubs, especially as it pertains to member engagement. TRX has a solutions-based 360-degree approach, providing clubs with the latest in functional training equipment, anchoring and storage systems (TRX Studio Line), trainer education, movement assessment technology (TRX MAPS), and subsequently, an enhanced experience that keeps members coming back for more.

TRX MAPS uses 3D technology to perform a full body movement scan in under 30 seconds, based on mobility, activation, posture and symmetry. Results are delivered with targeted exercise plans that address areas of weakness. Beyond being a training tool, TRX MAPS doubles as a business tool, designed to drive lead generation and member acquisition, enhance and up-sell personal training, and increase member retention. Several MAPS customers have reported they have been able to pay off their initial investment within a matter of weeks through increased personal training sales.

Here, Andy Marino, vice president of sales and personal training at Best Fitness, shares why his club partnered with TRX and how they’ve provided a tremendous boost to member experiences and engagement:

How were you introduced to TRX and why did you decide to partner with them?

AM: We have been a partner with TRX for over 10 years. In March 2018, we were introduced to the TRX MAPS unit at IHRSA. [It] immediately captured our attention and the gears started turning on how we could integrate this product into our current sales and retention strategies — particularly for our personal training department.

After getting a chance to learn more about the science behind the unit and accuracy of the scoring, it was evident this would be a great tool to have at all of our fitness centers. A lot of members come in to join with the goal of making a change on the scale. When you can help a member understand how a customized fitness plan can help them move better, alleviate pain and improve activities for daily living (ADLs), while also reaching their goal on the scale, the value of the plan increases dramatically. TRX has helped us deliver that education to our member base on high volume scale.

How has TRX helped enhance your fitness offerings?

AM: TRX has helped us tremendously with member engagement. Ensuring our staff is resourceful and helpful to our members is a huge part of our culture, and we are always looking to become more efficient. Having MAPS has been a great conversation starter with members. Whether they have been a member for 20-plus years or coming to take a tour for the first time, there is a lot of excitement. Engaging with members and creating a positive experience is what will separate you from your competition.

What do your members love most about TRX?

AM: Our members love the gamification and “bragging rights.” Members will constantly try to beat their best score, and show off their email to friends and family when they achieve a high score. It is similar to the culture and technology within our fitness studios, where members are trying to be at the top of the leaderboard for heart rate effort points or beat their latest personal record in a particular exercise.

How would you rate TRX’s customer service and support?

AM: The service and support is great. Whether we are reaching out with a custom request or calling because of a technical issue, we receive great response time and have always been provided a solution.

Why should other club operators consider working with TRX?

AM: TRX is more than an equipment company, they have individuals within their organization who have a good understanding of what operators need in today’s fitness environment, and do a great job of being a support system.

For more information, contact TRX: 1.888.878.5348 | sales@trxtraining.com.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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