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The fitness business is booming, especially the boutique fitness business. And with more money and private equity coming every day, everyone is going to have to step up their game. 

With more and more franchise concepts, the question is: How do you break through all the noise, especially for the local gyms or smaller franchise systems? 

One way is to build you brand and program for a certain consumer. Most brands should be very clear on who their ideal customer or avatar is — and therefore who they build their studio, programming, training and marketing around. 

Talking to hundreds of small studio or gym owners, with some even being franchisees, I find they have a difficult time defining their target customer. With this happening so often, I wanted to make an easy way to begin finding this person. So I put together something that will help you either find or even fine-tune your current avatar, to help you with future success. 

Ask yourself these questions and get as detailed as possible:

  • As a business who do you want to serve? 
  • How do you want to serve them? 
  • What culture do you want to have in your community? 
  • What does this person value the most? 

From these four quick questions, you should be able to start to build your ideal avatar and build your uniques around your business offer. This will work for new business owners, or even seasoned business owners who are feeling the pain of trying to please too many customers who want different things. 

Once you find out the answer to these questions, you can start making strides in your business, catering the programming and facility to what this client wants. 

Robby Marlow is the co-founder and president of Delta Life Fitness. He has been in the fitness and franchising business going on 10+ years. Delta Life Fitness has over 100+ employees and has more than 20 franchised gyms and growing. He also is the host of the Texas Franchise Radio that airs live and can also be found on Apple podcast. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

Robby Marlow

Robby Marlow is the cofounder and president of Delta Life Fitness.

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