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The Culture You Facilitate Determines Your Retention


In today’s world, the consumer has the advantage when shopping for a new fitness family. Gyms now scale from 3,000-square-feet studios to 70,000-plus mega gyms, making it tough to compete and even tougher to separate yourself from the competition.   

The first step in creating a positive culture begins in your marketing and how you connect yourself to your community. Take advantage of social media and maximize the engagement between your team and the members. Get creative in your messaging when you’re making posts and use tools such as: Facebook contests, Facebook polls, and like/share giveaways etc. 

You will also want to take advantage of live streaming videos at least three to four times a week. These videos do more than just advertise your business, they connect your following to your team, which automatically begins to break down communication barriers that may exist. Members and prospects will find themselves actively seeking individuals on your team for assistance instead of waiting for someone to come to them. Create goals for your management teams and encourage them to think outside the box to spark reach, impressions and engagement through your social media platforms. 

You must also focus on your initial hiring process and how you will find talent that will take your business to the next level. Focus on empowering your front line and seek those who will buy in to the brand and the mission. Use personality surveys, phone screenings and reference checks to make sure you’re choosing the right individual for your facility.

Once you have hired your team, begin developing them daily through role-playing and various team building techniques. Instilling confidence in those who lead your team will be instrumental in creating the culture your business needs to compete.

Take the time to create daily and monthly goals for your team members that are focused on production and culture. Make sure you know and understand your team members, so you are equipped to keep them motivated. Focus on the minute details, such as: member greeting, daily cleaning routines, laps around the facility to engage with members, and fun events that will bring your community together. These are just a few ways your team can set the tone for the type of culture your club will become known for.  

Take advantage of programs such as: Promotion Vault, UPshow, Facebook Contests, Constant Contact and Indeed to help you get the results you’re looking for. Increasing your presence through social media and hiring talent which supports and represents your mission will have immediate effects on retention, prospect conversion and overall club performance.

Michael Goodsell

Michael Goodsell is the managing partner for Crunch Fitness Dixie in Louisville, Kentucky. He can be reached at mgoodsell@crunchlouisville.com.

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