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3 Ways to Use Heart Rate Tracking in Marketing

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Many gym operators assign the value of heart rate tracking to member engagement, retention and lifetime value. While they are not wrong, this statement overlooks the fact that the platform can also be used in marketing, not only from a positioning and awareness perspective, but also a lead generation perspective.

Here are three ways to do so:

  1. Position your club as one that not only provides facilities with programming and convenience, but one that tracks the No. 1 critical success factor to guaranteeing fitness results — namely, applying effort. By moving the conversation to effort tracking and empowering exercise-driving behavior, you position your brand to overcome one of the most common member objections: “I’ve failed before.” Now, unlike other clubs, your club can address their fear of failure, emphasizing a focus on the success journey — motivation included. If you take that market position, you create a competitive advantage.
  2. User generated content (UGC) is the most responsive and engaging content on social media. What better way to promote the good word about your gym than to have your members rave about your gym online? How about illustrating how many calories they burned during a recent workout, and endorsing this to their social network in addition? Without some enhanced content, members have no motive to post, but with heart rate tracking, a workout summary with a selfie is the perfect reason.
  3. Challenges have already proven to work well in facilities, so why not host a fun run-like challenge within a three-mile radius in your local community? The play is to find a good cause for which you can raise money, invite the local community to sign up, open up your gym doors to the non-members who are participating throughout the challenge period, and make some noise, ensuring to leverage the event via prizes, giveaways and local media. At the conclusion of the challenge, the sales team can now attempt to convert the non-member participants to members along the basis of, “Because you earned X points, you are eligible for zero enrollment.”

All gym owners know there is no shortage of gyms and fitness options out there. So, position heart rate tracking as the No. 1 reason your prospects should choose you versus your competition: your unique selling point. From there, you can leverage your club and ultimately stand out. Upgrade your club with technology and help your members thrive.

Emmett Williams is the president of Myzone. He can be reached at emmett.williams@myzone.org, or visit myzone.org.


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