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How to Slay the Social Media Marketing Dragon


The ever-changing landscape of social media leaves many marketers scratching their heads. It seems there is something new every second in the world of social media advertising. 

Let’s start with the big one: Facebook. Despite predictions of Facebook losing market share, it continues to be the No. 1 social platform used among all ages. If you are using it, are you using it right? Here are some things you should think about before you create your next ad:

Video ads perform better than images. Better yet, video ads with closed captioning are much more effective than ads that do not have captioning. Captioning your video will now make it accessible to those with hearing loss or those who keep the volume turned down on their phones.

Are you targeting your ads correctly? I have much better luck when I create a look-a-like audience using a list of my existing members. Or are you being too specific in your targeting and making your audience too small?

Are you running multiple ads on Facebook? One ad could be more of an awareness ad without an offer. This would be for those people who are not familiar with your brand. Then come back the next month with a promotional trial. Another ad should be to retarget people who have previously visited your website. It is also important for you to make sure you upload a list of your current members to exclude them from seeing the ad if this is a campaign to get new leads or sales. 

Avoid ad fatigue. Change your ads often and take a break once in awhile. Using the same offer and creative while constantly running the ads gets old fast and will lose its effectiveness.  

Make sure you select the platforms and placements for the ads. You can select which feeds you would like your ads to appear on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Explore and more. Remember, when you select ad placements you will see an example of what the ad will look like on the right side with suggested specifications, so you know exactly how to tailor your ad to that placement.

These few tips have just scratched the surface of how to use Facebook advertising to increase awareness, leads and sales for your club.  

Donyel Cerceo

Donyel Cerceo is the director of marketing for Merritt Athletic Clubs. She can be reached at dcerceo@merrittclubs.com.

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