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Zoning, Connectivity and Data-Driven Training


Are you maximizing the layout of your equipment and offering a fully connected member experience? Below, discover the ins and outs of why zoning equipment, enhancing connectivity and embracing data-driven training improves the member experience. 

Maximize, Modernize and Monetize Your Gym Floor with Zones

The pressure is on to maximize, modernize and monetize every inch of your gym floor. And ensuring each space has a clear purpose through zoning is a great way to achieve this and boost member confidence. Zoning will encourage communities of people who like training in the same way or for the same goals, which will in turn increase member engagement and retention.   

Take indoor cycling as an example — we have seen firsthand how zoning this modality of training can boost small group training, one-on-one personal training and membership uptake. Group cycling has been popular for a long time, but zoning of indoor bikes on the gym floor has boosted the popularity of performance-based training or the popular trend of “training like an athlete,” using indoor bikes as a training tool to test and benchmark fitness, and improve power and strength, as well as cardio.  

It’s important not to disregard the key component of design. Branding an area to make it stand out as a zone can motivate members, but also direct them around your gym space, creating a flow to their individual fitness journey. 

Offering Data-Driven Training

Technology, connectivity and wearable innovations have made fitness an integral part of daily life. Members don’t leave their fitness journey behind when they leave the gym. They take it with them. Therefore, the industry needs to find ways of allowing and supporting this connectivity inside and outside of the four walls of the gym.

This leap in tracking data has also meant consumers are no longer satisfied with just knowing simple information, such as their step count and their weight. Look for equipment with a multitude of performance parameters, providing the user with a highly effective and efficient power-based training solution.

Training has now become data driven. This change is not only being driven by the consumer, but also by the suppliers of equipment, which are constantly evolving and finding new ways to enhance the member experience. In many cases this is through our own apps or connectivity with third-party apps, allowing members to keep using all of their favorite trackers, letting them train the way they want. Apps can offer training programs that members can take from the gym home with them, acting as a digital personal trainer in their products, available at their fingertips 24/7.  

Thomson Remo

Thomson Remo is a Wattbike Master Trainer and business development lead. He can be reached at thomsonr@woodway.com or 800.WOODWAY x 167. For more information, visit wattbike.com.

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