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3 Ways Club Operators Are Their Own Worst Enemy

club operators

The health club operator role is an incredibly dynamic job that isn’t for the faint of heart. You get the opportunity to manage many different types of people and a variety of profit centers under one umbrella — not to mention potentially exposing new members to their first health and fitness experiences.

How do we get in our own way?

The No. 1 way you are your own worst enemy is your mindset. In my experience, personal development runs the same trajectory as career development. If I am not constantly expanding my awareness in my personal life, my business suffers. The more curious and available I am for my own learning and development, the better I get at being available every day to do my best in my work.

The second way health club operators get off track is getting stuck inside their own four walls. It is very easy to forget to look outside your business for innovation and opportunity. Running your club day in and day out, it’s possible to never leave your four walls and see what’s out there in the market. Get out and explore your market — it will educate you more than you think.

The third way health club operators get in their own way is thinking it’s all been done and there’s nothing new to learn. When you’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years, you’ve seen so many trends come and go, new class formats, studio trends, fads and the like. It’s critical in a leadership role that we remain teachable. It’s a teachable spirit that allows us to innovate in the way the world needs us to in order to help people find health.

It’s not overly complicated to get out of your own way — however, it does take a level of care some are not willing to put out there. If you’re not sure where to start, begin each day journaling.  As simple as it might sound, getting your thoughts out on paper is an easy exercise and doing so gives you the chance to start on tip No. 1. Remember, your development is your fastest track to success in business. Happy discovering!

Lindsey Rainwater

Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced business advisor, executive coach and the founder of The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA). WIFA is the global association supporting women in their career trajectory helping them rise to their fullest potential in business and life.

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