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Adam Sedlack Discusses the Essential Aspects of Fitness

Adam Sedlack

Since health clubs began shutting down in March due to the coronavirus, many industry leaders have been frustrated and uncertain surrounding what is to come next. Adam Sedlack, the president of UFC GYM, has also felt those frustrations.

Overall, Sedlack explained the pandemic revealed the government’s misunderstandings about the fitness industry and its ability to create a safe and healthy environment for all team members and customers.

Sedlack said that it is the fitness industry’s moral obligation to provide support for people to not only amplify or improve immune systems and fitness and health, but also mentally improve the way members look at life and take on challenges during these adverse times.

“I think every fitness operator has prepared nicely about social distancing and educating the member base,” said Sedlack. “But what’s most important is, in order to create the right culture and the right level of comfort for customers, we have to make sure team members are fully educated and aware of our moral and psychological obligation to take care of our members and how we can empower the fighting spirit.”

Adam Sedlack

One way Sedlack recommends empowering your member base is through realizing everyone is viewing the situation through their own lens and their own adversities. As members come into your gyms, allow them to have a place where they can unload all their frustrations, all of their anxieties and everything that comes with COVID-19.

“We want to be that place that absorbs that for our members,” said Sedlack. “We’re going to do it through listening, through the best possible classes you can imagine, through great programming and through great team members that really are empathetic to what our consumers are going through. I think that’s the only way you can position yourself for success to allow the customer to get that much-needed mental break.”

While catering to in-club members is important, it is also important to consider those who aren’t ready to return. One way to do this is through online workouts, a platform Sedlack thinks will now be a part of the industry’s DNA.

“Virtual fitness will play a very big role in complementing what members can find in a facility,” said Sedlack. “But let’s be clear, nothing can duplicate working out as a community within four walls. The inspiration between one another, the semi-accountability and the ability to communicate with one another — there’s something about that, that pushes a consumer to become a better version of themselves, if only for an hour or 90 minutes. At-home workouts will be a nice complement.”

One thing the industry has learned from COVID-19 is to be prepared and have an online platform you are comfortable using and promoting. Sedlack said if members can still participate with the same coaches and same experience online if another shutdown occurs, they are more likely to stay active and keep a positive mindset.

“I think at-home is here to stay,” said Sedlack. “I think there is going to be different levels of it. I think it’ll diversify the offerings of each organization. But, I definitely think it’s going to be a part of the DNA of gyms in the future.”

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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