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Setting Clarity In Your Business


Marvin Gresse, the assistant general manager of Stone Creek Club & Spashares the importance of setting clarity in your business.

Through my REX Roundtable, I recently participated in a dynamic virtual workshop with the Table Group, famed author Patrick Lencioni’s consulting firm. It refreshed the idea of “clarity” that was introduced to us all in The Advantage by Lencioni.    

Simply put, as leaders we need to set clarity in our business in everything we do.

In order for our teams to fully carry out the goals of the business and accomplish them in the correct way, we need to clearly set the course with a clear purpose, the path to get there and what successful results look like. 

To best serve your members, your team should to be moving in the same direction, and they need clarity to make sure they are operating on the right path. 

In a healthy organization, clarity should be universally portrayed and reinforced. Relay the clear and concise vision, goals and directives to your team of department leaders in your club. They in turn can then clearly communicate their departmental goals and objectives to their teams, and how they fit into the overall club plan.  

Clarity in our operations eliminates confusion and helps us set the norms, the traditions and “the right way of doing it here” so everyone is aligned. This helps set the tone for staff who are coming in the door for the first time and just joining your team, as well as reinforces the right way of doing things at your club to long-time team members who sometimes need these reminders to remain on course. 

When everyone is on the same page and operating with clarity in their daily work, they can deliver the results you and your club need, and service and programming your members deserve.  

So, go back to your strategic plan, operations protocols and budget plan for the coming year, and see if it is providing clarity to those who will help you carry it out. In making this tweak in your 2021 planning, you can ensure the goals, objectives, service level and operating environment for your staff and members are at their peaks.

Marvin Gresse

Marvin Gresse is the assistant general manager of Stone Creek Club & Spa

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