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Mastermind Group: 6 Reasons You Should Join

Mastermind Group

Now more than ever, you need support and tools to help you manage your business. Between COVID-19 related issues, government regulation and challenges in the New Year, you are feeling the pressure. A mastermind group can offer the lifeline of support you’re looking for. 

Mastermind groups consist of a maximum of 10 individuals (non-competitors) and a facilitator. The purpose of mastermind groups is to give you real-time tips, strategies and ideas and to provide an ongoing support structure. Here are six reasons you should join a mastermind group:

1. Learn and Share Best Practices. None of us have all the answers. Mastermind groups allow you to learn and share from others in similar business situations. Most importantly, you can apply what you learn to help make better future decisions.

2. Accountability. I remember hearing, “An idea without follow through is just intellectual entertainment.” In a mastermind group, you won’t have trouble with follow through because other group members and the facilitator will ask you to report on your activity. This built-in accountability helps drive implementation and helps you deliver results.

3. Networking. Beyond the best practices you’ll learn, you’ll get to network with like-minded individuals. Often the main benefits of your mastermind group will come from the networking opportunities you’ll experience during the virtual meetings.

4. Test New Ideas. Mastermind groups can serve as your personal focus group. You’ll have the ability to test concepts, ideas and theories. This means that before you launch a new idea or strategy, you can effectively test it within your group. This will save time, money and improve the chances you’ll succeed. 

5. Access to Data and Relevant Research. Your facilitator will bring relevant data, research and expertise to the topics you discuss. Other group members will also share data on initiatives and projects they’ve worked on.

6. Help Others. I’m a firm believer that one of the most satisfying feelings is how you feel when you help someone else. This is an intangible that is hard to put into words but is extremely real. Your mastermind group will give you the opportunity to pour into others while they pour into you at the same time.

If you are not in a mastermind group, you are effectively “on your own.” Why would you choose to “go it alone?” The price of going it alone, especially now, is too high and unnecessary. Mastermind group members are ready, willing and able to “share the load.”

For more information on joining a Mastermind Group, go to clubsolutionsmagazine.com/mgx or contact Bob Surface, SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, at bob@peakemedia.com.

Bob Surface

Bob Surface is the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups. You can contact him at bob@peakemedia.com.

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