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Incorporating ACSM Top Fitness Trends of 2021

Incorporating ACSM Top Fitness Trends

Tips for incorporating the ACSM Top Fitness Trends of 2021 in your health club.

According to the ACSM Top Fitness Trends for 2021, some new trends emerged in the Top 10 list. You likely have a roadmap for 2021, but it is not too late to add in some additional programming to meet the needs of your members and stay current with the trends in the industry.

Online and Virtual Training

ACSM defined online training as being designed “specifically for at-home or on-the-go fitness experiences.” While virtual training was described as, “the fusion of group exercise with technology offering workouts designed for ease and convenience to suit schedules and needs.”

While most clubs have switched to remote training and group classes in some capacity, here are some other ways to incorporate these services into your current club offerings and potentially increase revenue:

Small Group Training

  • Create a unique user experience, consider using MyZone Remote and/or other fitness apps to create a sense of community and accountability within the group.
  • Design the sessions to be specific and measurable to those members to show value.

Video on Demand Exercise Library

  • Allows members to participate in classes anytime, anywhere.
  • Ensure video content is current and offers a wide variety of classes for different levels of fitness.
  • Include classes you might not offer ‘in-club’, such as mobility, stretch breaks, meditation and mindfulness.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities have been popular over the last few years, but we saw a big jump in outdoor activities and training in 2020 and its popularity will remain into 2021 (ranked #13 in 2020 I #4 in 2021). Aside from outdoor fitness related activities, consider involving the greater community in your efforts as well.

Recreational Events

  • Develop a community within the club of runners, walkers, hikers and bikers and allow for meet-ups and group events led by a trainer.
  • Create educational resources for your members around outdoor recreation: importance of hydration, Vitamin D and sunscreen, safety, etc.

Community Events

  • Support a cause in the community; consider hosting a remote 5K for a local charity and/or cause that your business supports (Augie’s Quest).
  • Work with other local businesses to provide a safe place for a Farmer’s Market paired with an outdoor boot camp, etc.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults

People are living longer, working longer and staying active longer. You want to make sure you have the programs and resources to engage this sector of members.

Recognize what this older generation needs from your club to support them and consider including options for:

  • Mobility and Recovery
  • Balance and Joint Stabilization
  • Educational Resources including: Healthy Aging and Benefits of Strength Training

Remember, just because these are the industry trends, it is still so important to check-in with your members and ask them what they need. Make sure you are constantly evaluating member feedback, tracking participation, video views and unique usage to adjust accordingly so you can capitalize in 2021.

Kiley Mutschler

Kiley Mutschler is a regional manager with Active Wellness, overseeing corporate and multi-tenant fitness centers in Texas, Arizona and Canada. She has over 10 years of experience managing people at all levels; responsible for hiring, training and building strong teams within the organization. Kiley has held many roles within Active Wellness and was named an IHRSA Rising Star in 2019. She can be reached at kiley.mutschler@activewellness.com.

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