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Two Reasons Members Cancel Memberships

Reasons members cancel

As you begin signing up new members this year, Kory Angelin shares two reasons members cancel their memberships you should keep in mind.

People are 12% more likely to purchase a gym membership in the month of January over any other month of the year. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to think about why members cancel memberships.  

We very often think about new member acquisition but often do not remember that retention is just as important. What most people tend to think is a member leaves because of money. This in fact, is almost never the case. Let’s say you joined a gym, worked with a trainer and that trainer helped you reach every fitness goal you ever imagined. You not only looked great but felt fantastic as well. You then say to yourself, “this really isn’t worth the money.” Like I said – that never happens.

As you embark on signing up your new members, keep these two reasons members cancel their memberships in mind:

Lack of Motivation

What we do know is most members do not have a plan when it comes to achieving their goals. It either becomes a cardio or strength day at the gym and then they just repeat that over and over. Four days per week quickly becomes three, then two until finally they are bored. Members need to be inspired and that could come from a variety of sources. One idea is talking about program design so members actually think about a plan. The staff need to be aware of everyone in your facility to some degree as well – knowing names goes a long way and we are always on stage whether you know it or not. Lighting, cleanliness and sound are all elements that contribute to a members motivation. Get this right and you will keep that member for a long time.

Lack of Results

You want to know the true reason why members leave a gym? Lack of results. To my point earlier, if you are getting a member results, they aren’t leaving. The real issue is we tend to forget about people once they join. This is why it is so important to conduct a proper needs analysis. Understanding a person’s “specific” goals, why it is their goal, what their past experience is like and strategy moving forward is critical to member results. Put time and effort into those first conversations and log that information somewhere so you can periodically check up on them to see progress. Nail this and you have a member for life.

Kory Angelin

Kory Angelin is the chief operating officer for Volofit. He is an award-winning trainer, two-time published author and has helped to elevate some of the biggest fitness companies in the world. He was featured in “Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020” by The Chicago Journal and “Top 20 Influential People of 2020” by New York Wire. To find out more, go to volo-fit.com and follow him @koryfit.

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