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Giving Back: The Importance of Continuing to Care

Giving Back

Stephanie Coulon, the membership and marketing manager at Stone Creek Club and Spa, shares the importance of giving back in 2021.

As we begin to emerge from the challenges we’ve all faced, there are many things about our business models and priorities that look vastly different than they did a year ago. Even through these tough times, one thing that should continue to be part of our culture is giving back. 

Your charitable and community efforts may take on a different spin this year, but don’t underestimate the value those efforts bring — to your members, your employees and the groups or charities who benefit from your work. 

Help how you can. When times are tough, it’s natural to react with an attitude of scarcity and eliminate anything that isn’t “core” to your operations. Instead, consider acting with an attitude of abundance. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re able to devote the same resources, help as many causes or donate the same funds as in previous years. That’s OK. What counts is you’re showing you care enough to make the effort. Your chosen charitable partner(s) will certainly appreciate whatever you can do to help, and your members will recognize and appreciate that effort, too. 

Reconnect with your members. Remember a basic retention strategy: members stay because they feel a connection to your club. Now more than ever it’s important to remind them of that connection. Giving them that sense of community and purpose through giving back can help remind members of why your club is such a special place — and a little positive press for your club could go a long way, too.

Show awareness and sensitivity. Be aware of the challenges your members and previous donors may be facing. Consider adjusting sponsorship pricing, ticketing or donation amounts. Or ask your chosen charity how else you can help. If your fundraising efforts include an event, be 100% sure you’re following your state and local guidelines. 

Thank your employees. Giving back could be as simple as a small “thank you” gesture to your team. Surely there’s something you can come up with within your budget. Can you provide them with free coffee and breakfast one day, or partner with a local car wash to purchase discounted car wash passes and give them to your team? Your thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed.


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