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Discover How CMS Can Improve Your Sales Results

CMS Sales

Software Management isn’t just used to check in members and notify you when a member misses a payment. It actually can assist your sales department in more ways than you’d ever imagine.

According to Ryan Junk, the director of sales for UFC Gym, club management software has helped his staff in terms of reaching prospective members, referrals, personal training sales and upgrading a member’s current package. MASS by Fit BPO has been Junk’s go-to source for consistently staying in touch with members and guests alike.

“[Club Management Software] allows the sales team to create a systematic follow-up system,” explained Junk. “[It] removes all manual processes and is a central data center for useful information, such as notes, sourcing and previous activities. It also allows both in-club and above-club leaders to manage the process more effectively, versus just the financials.”

Management software has also made the sign-up process much smoother for sales departments and members. “The enrollment process is very smooth and allows us to capture signatures electronically, and e-mail agreements to our new members,” said Junk.

Additionally, Junk’s sales department no longer has to have binders full of sales data and prospect information. Aside from all the trees they are subsequently saving, they are also able to make finding data easier for each member of the department. “The system allows us to record and view all activities conducted by our sales team, versus the old-fashion way of binders and manual appointment logs. The info also stays with them once they enroll, which is useful for the personal training departments, as well as member service follow-up calls.”

For Josh Harwood, the senior VP of operations for Titan Fitness dba Fitness Connection, club management software has made the sales staff more aware of the products and services that develop buying trends. This has allowed the company to target certain offerings and price points that are good for members, and revenue.

“We currently use Jonas, ABC and the Visual Fitness Planner in managing our locations,” said Harwood. “The ability to clearly and systematically present our offerings and capture all transactions electronically produces the data necessary to examine relationships to produce actionable information.”

For all clubs, knowledge is power, and that knowledge has been derived from management software. “By tracking KPIs, such as appointment counts, show rate, closing rate and referrals generated, we can discern who our top performers are, who need assistance and gain insight into where in the sales funnel we need to focus attention to achieve our desired result.

“Having leads tracked electronically allows for programmed follow-up tasks, insight into where follow up is breaking down, easy shifting of workload and targeted automated messaging. Together these strategies allow us to achieve a standard of performance and intimacy with our customer.”

How are you using your club management software to assist in sales? Although a lot of clubs use their software to assist other areas of the club, many sales departments don’t rely heavily enough on their software to help generate stronger revenue streams.

By utilizing club management software like UFC Gym and Fitness Connection, clubs can estimate stronger numbers in terms of closing, prospecting and upgrading current members. Additionally, the power they will receive through understanding sales hot spots within the club, will assist in teaming with personal training departments, Pilates and other fee-based amenities, to help boost the club’s bottom line.

Tyler Montgomery

Tyler Montgomery is a former writer for Club Solutions Magazine.

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