Seven Steps to Gigantic Gym Profits

7 steps to gigantic gym profits.It is a new year and your gym is full of people with resolutions. In order for these people to reach their goals, they need to do certain things. And for your business to reach its goals, it needs to do certain things, and do them well.

Here are my seven steps to gigantic gym profits.

Step one: Create a sales-first culture. This is step one because without it, the other steps won’t be as effective. This industry is truly about changing lives, but it all starts with having enough revenue to keep the lights on so lives can be changed.

Step two: Make sure your sales staff are masters of the telephone. Find a script. Have them use that script and book appointments with 70 percent or more of callers.

Step three: Give a proper tour. No museum tours. Ask, “What are your goals?” “Why are those goals important to you?” and “How do you plan to accomplish those goals?”

Step four: Ask for referrals. Do this at the point of sale and offer a gift, such as a coupon, gym bag or free personal training session, in return.

Step five: Understand personal training. Know that most people cannot afford one-on-one coaching, but many can afford small group training.

Step six: Market with structure. You have to have a 12-month marketing plan with a combination of print and electronic marketing. Without it, you are forced to be reactive, and the only way to succeed is to be proactive.

Step seven: Maximize your leadership skills. Hire slowly, fire quickly. Treat all team members the same, but coach them based on their individual personalities.

There they are: the seven steps necessary to make big money in this industry. For my 30-page e-book, titled, “The 7 Steps to Gigantic Gym Profits,” email me at with “seven steps” in the subject line.

Keep changing lives.


Jason Linse is president and founder of The Business of Fitness, a consulting company. He also owns a personality assessment company called People Plus+ Fitness. For questions on sales, he can be reached at

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