Blink Fitness to Cast Members in Ad Campaign

Blink Fitness

Joining a gym and starting an exercise routine can be an intimidating notion for many Americans. That is why Blink Fitness has made it their mission to change the way we approach fitness by encouraging members to focus more on how exercise makes them feel instead of how it makes them look.

In order to further spread its message, Blink Fitness will be featuring members in the company’s 2017 ad campaign. “For a long time, Blink has focused on the benefits of fitness beyond the physical,” said Ellen Roggemann, Blink Fitness’ Vice President of Marketing. “Exercise isn’t just about looking good it is about how it makes you feel. The way that comes to life in our advertising is by showing confident, happy gym goers of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. What a better way to bring that story to life even further than to do so with our very own members.”

Blink invited all members to audition via social media September 12 through October 7. They simply need to submit a photo or video on Instagram using the #BlinkCastingCall and tagging @Blink_Fitness, along with a caption explaining why they think they should be cast in the ad campaign and what Blink Fitness means to them.

Finalists will be called back to a Blink Fitness casting event where they will share their story. “At the casting event we will have a panel of Blink member celebrity casting agents that will be helping us select the members to participate in our campaign,” explained Roggemann. “Of those panelist are Dascha Planco, who stars in ‘Orange is the New Black’, and Steve Weatherford, who is an NFL punter. Both of whom represent body positivity and the benefits of exercise beyond the physical.”

When it comes to developing such a unique campaign, Roggemann said knowing your members is essential. “At Blink Fitness, we put a huge priority in the experience in the club,” she added. “That interaction with our members, that friendly connection is very real. Through that we have learned so much about the people that enjoy the Blink experience. I think tapping into your members and learning about how exercise is changing their lives is a key insight into building a business that is improving communities.”

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