UFC GYM to Open 30 Locations in Philippines


UFC GYM announced an exclusive 10-year partnership with the Fitspiration Philippines Corporation to open 30 locations throughout The Republic of the Philippines. The first signature UFC GYM will be located in the Glorietta, Makati City section of Manilla, and will open in early 2017. 

“We’re very excited to embark on this exclusive partnership to expand UFC GYM’s global footprint throughout the Philippines,” said Brent Leffel, the CEO of UFC GYM, in a press release. “Filipino fight fans understand our brand and partnering with Fitspiration PH is a perfect fit to help Manilla’s fitness enthusiasts Train Different while working to achieve their individual fitness goals.”  

Based in Metro Manila, Fitspiration Philippines Corporation (Fitspiration PH) is a new entity. According to UFC GYM, it is comprised of key players in the Philippine fitness industry.

“In almost two decades of bringing major players in the Fitness industry to the country, I know a winner when I see it and make no mistake, UFC Gym is a winner,” said Mark Dayrit, the president of Fitspiration Philippines, in the press release. “A strong international brand built from the ground up, coupled with a unique, and perhaps more importantly, family-friendly lineup of MMA-inspired programs will undoubtedly breathe new life to the fitness industry here in the Philippines. This exactly what Filipinos have been waiting for and soon enough, everyone in the country will finally be able to Train Different.”

Founded in 2009, UFC GYM has opened more than 135 locations throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, South America and the United Arab Emirates. 

In September 2016, UFC GYM also announced it is expanding to Southeast Asia with a new signature gym in Hanoi, Vietnam. Scheduled to open on Sunday, October 30, the gym will serve as the first of several locations scheduled to open throughout the region.

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