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How to Build a Business Worth Telling a Story About

How to Build a Business Worth Telling a Story About

There are typically two reasons why we start looking to attract more members: New opportunities that require customers fast; or new leads have dried up and we’re stuck.

Before you launch your next marketing campaign, don’t overlook this one step that could be costing you thousands of dollars in future revenue: Defining what makes you unique and sticking with it.

Too many times clubs jump from opportunity to opportunity, never embracing one consistent message that members can embrace and believe in. If there’s no consistency in our brand when members come into contact with our brand, they’ll turn away with a bad experience. In return they will begin to talk about the poor experience they had — which is the worst form of marketing any facility could be haunted by.

If we as leaders are continuously changing, our community does not have the opportunity to get to know, like and trust us to the point they are encouraged to invite a friend without us having to entice, bribe and reward them for doing so. But if we are consistent with who we are across all marketing platforms, clients will flow in as our awareness grows.

So where do we start walking through the steps to get to know who we truly are as a business? Here are five questions to begin building an identity that’s consistent and worth talking about:

1. What’s our unique story?
2. What makes us admirable?
3. What emotions do we want our community to feel about us?
4. What does our community truly care about that they’d be willing to talk about to their friends and family?
5. How do we build a predictable training experience for our community?

When we’re consistent with who we are, we build trust with the communities we serve. And with trust comes brand awareness, which ultimately leads to attracting more clients.


Brent Gallagher is the owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle. For more information email brent@avenufit.com.

Brent Gallagher

Brent Gallagher is the owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle.

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