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As a club operator, it’s imperative your salespeople be constantly learning — whether it’s going through a structured sales training or seminar, reading a book or taking an online course. However, there’s another form of education that often goes overlooked, that could give your salespeople the motivation and tools they need to boost their membership numbers. I’m referencing podcasts — a great educational resource for salespeople of all experience levels.

With this in mind, here’s a list of some of the most popular sales podcasts to listen to, that could benefit you and your sales staff.

The Podcast for Those Who Struggle to Connect with Customers: “The Art of Charm.”

In this podcast, social interaction expert Jordan Harbinger shares the skills he’s used to advance professionally, and tips for how others can master them. Share this with any of your sales staff that struggle to make a connection with customers or who come off as awkward.

The Podcast for the Newbie: “Sales Gravy”

New salespeople often have a tough ramp-up period, so listening to a 60-minute podcast might be unrealistic. With this in mind, the Sales Gravy podcast hosted by Jeb Blount, the author of People Buy You, is perfect — with episodes that range from 5 minutes up to an hour. Take your pick based on the time requirements. Each podcast shares practical skills any sales newbie should master.

The Podcast for the Sales Manager: “The Ziglar Show”

Hosted by Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and Kevin Miller, CEO of Free Agent Academy, this podcast focuses on self-improvement and new ways to improve your career — if you’re telling your sales staff to continue their education, it’s good practice for you to be as well.

This is by no means an exhaustive list — there are dozens of excellent podcasts salespeople and managers can use to stay inspired, innovative and continue their education. Here are some more to look into if you’d like to give podcasts a shot.

  • The Advanced Selling Podcast
  • Ramp
  • The Ultimate Sales Hustle
  • Closing Bigger
  • In the Arena
Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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