Epsilon Helps VASA Fitness Manage Marketing by the Numbers


Do you ever feel like your marketing efforts are just a shot in the dark? Many club operators do — not knowing if their strategies are effective or producing an ROI.

Fortunately, VASA Fitness no longer feels this way. According to TJ Wardell, the company’s vice president of marketing, a partnership with Epsilon has provided them with a data-driven marketing strategy that’s managed by the numbers.

CS: What have you learned about marketing thanks to your partnership with Epsilon?

TJ: Epsilon’s data-driven marketing strategy has taught us to always manage by the numbers. Their ability to target Tier 1 prospects and produce an effective marketing strategy each month has been a huge success for us.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Epsilon?

TJ: We’ve been using Epsilon for all our mailers over the last few years and have been very happy. This year we allocated a portion of online marketing (SEO, PPC, Banner Ads) and have seen great results. Their new Conversant technology has been a huge success for us.

CS: What should other club owners know about Epsilon?

TJ: Epsilon’s experience in the gym business and their ability to track and report on all marketing efforts has made a major impact on our business. Their staff is professional and they bring a top-tier level of expertise in all aspects of marketing.

CS: How has your business benefited from this partnership — what ROI have you seen?

TJ: We’ve seen an average of $15 to $35 cost per member on mailers and an average of a $27 cost per member on digital advertising. Overall we’ve seen a great ROI!


For more information on Epsilon, visit epsilonlocal.com.

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