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The Changing Face of Sales

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One of the most underestimated sales tools is body language, and in particular, facial expressions. We all know that effective communication is achieved through what we say and how we say it — which facial expressions play a huge role in.

Using facial expressions correctly can help you clinch a sale, and get the customer to trust and buy from you. Here are some tips to get more sales through facial expressions:

Smile. This sounds obvious, but your smile needs to be authentic and not fake. Practice in a mirror and work on turning that cheesy grin into a powerful sales tool. The first contact with a prospect should offer up a friendly, warm and sincere smile that indicates you are happy to see them and ready to help.

To ensure your sales staff master sincere smiling, the key is to hire employees who love what they do and truly want to help prospects. If a person hates their job, it’s going to be nearly impossible for them to smile genuinely.

Look interested. Most fitness clubs will have a lot of distractions happening at all times, and it is important to stay focused on and interested in the customer. Make sure your tour is genuine and not a museum tour that shows how bored you are. Stay interested to keep the prospect interested.

Look inquisitive. You should be listening twice as much as you are talking, and when the customer talks you should take in every word they say. Don’t just ask questions from your script or be thinking about the next question you’re supposed to ask.

Conversely, you should also be paying attention to your prospect’s body language and facial expressions. See if you can detect how they’re feeling about the tour. Do they seem confused? Ask if they have questions or need clarification on anything.

Look reassuring. The prospect wants your assurance this is the right club for them. Don’t just tell them — show them with your eyes and your smile.


Paul Conway is the owner of Crown Fitness and is also a consultant with Retentionetix. Email him at paul@retentionetix.co.uk.


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