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Be a Question Asking Machine


What quality distinguishes sales superstars from weaker sales people? While there are many qualities you find in sales superstars, I believe the number one quality is their ability to ask the right questions, in the right way, at the right time.

Why are questions so important?

Using the right questions, at the right time, in the right way, allows you to easily move through your sales process. Questions allow you to move from your initial approach, building rapport, needs analysis, and right up to your close.

Questions help you build emotion and funnel your prospect to a positive buying decision. Questions asked with 100 percent sincerity help you overcome objections and turn them into reasons to buy. When done correctly, questions can help you take the most non-interested prospect from a “no” to “yes.”

But most importantly, questions provide you with the ammunition you need to sell.

How to ask sales questions.

Sitting with a prospect you’ve never met before and asking questions for 10 or 15 minutes is not as easy as people think. Firstly, you need to prepare and practice the questions you are going to ask. Secondly, you need to position those questions “strategically” at times throughout your sales process to get the information you need to sell.

I also believe you can never ask too many “relevant” questions during your sales process. But most importantly, when asking questions, always listen 100 percent to the answers and take notes. This shows professionalism, forces you to focus on helping your prospect, and demonstrates a genuine caring in your prospect’s needs.

Another secret is to use the two-second pause — don’t be in a rush to interrupt your prospect. Give your prospect the time they need to answer your questions. If you don’t you might be missing out on vital information your project was going to give you.


Alan Leach is the group general manager and director of sales and marketing at West Wood Clubs.

Alan Leach

Alan Leach is the CEO and director of sales and marketing at West Wood Clubs, Ireland. He is also a sales trainer and international presenter on fitness business marketing.

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