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A Whole-Body Approach to Marketing


Perhaps you’ve heard the term “omnichannel” being thrown around in marketing pitches and wondered, OK, what does that really mean? In the simplest terms, omnichannel marketing has the ability to speak the right message, at the right time, to the consumers you want to target, when they are in the best position to hear that message.

However, it’s not using just one kind of media, like digital banners or social channels or print or direct mail. Omnichannel incorporates all offline and online channels in order to speak with a more personalized approach to your customers. Put another way, you can’t just workout your arms and expect your whole body to benefit. Every muscle needs to be stimulated and used in order to achieve the perfect form. That is exactly what omnichannel marketing does for your business.

So what’s the best approach to having a more robust marketing strategy?

You want to spread your marketing dollars around, and have a portfolio of tools at your disposal. In other words, a bunch of hammers won’t help a lick when what you really need is a saw. So, you want a strategy that will incorporate direct mail. And digital. And social. But, here’s what’s really key — you want a plan that will target your customers with the right channel when they are most receptive to receiving that message. For example, you send them a banner ad while they’re shopping for athletic clothes. Or buy radio time to play during evening commuting hours. Or create a direct mail piece that comes after a big holiday, when getting in shape is on everyone’s mind. All of these messages together will drive customer engagement further than any one of them alone.

Remember, if you’re only talking at your customers, instead of with them, you’re not really understanding their needs. Without listening directly to them, through data, how can you really know how to grow and evolve your business? Plus, the competition is only too ready to lure away those customers who aren’t getting what they want from you.

You want an agency that knows the best times, places and tools to reach your customers, through comprehensive data that provides a whole and complete picture. You want an agency that believes in omnichannel marketing.


Greg Dowd is the president at Epsilon Local. He can be reached at greg.dowd@epsilon.com or 858.900.3610.


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