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A New Approach to Retention


Many club owners and operators will start letting their members know that new fitness equipment is coming in 2019. 

They may also let them know about the capital improvements members can expect in the New Year, and maybe even a price increase notification as well.

The question is, do your members want that from your club?

Is it time to consider a new approach, since many clubs are experiencing the same levels of attrition — regardless of all the new equipment and capital improvements?

Consider this. What if you told your members about all the ways you were going to improve their health and wellness in 2019? What if you established goals for your staff to save one member per day from leaving your club in 2019, and ask your team how you can make that happen?

What would be a new heading for your note to your members going into 2019? How about how your club will improve the quality of your members’ lives — being specific on how? Would they actually believe you? 

Research has shown that clubs that really care about the health and wellness of their members, evidenced by achieving positive outcomes, have higher retention rates than those that have all new equipment and beautiful facilities.

Let your members know new equipment and renovations are coming in key areas of the club, but that your priority is for every member to be healthier in 2019 than 2018 because they belong to your club. 

Do you believe your club can achieve this lofty goal? If not, then continue your same New Year’s messaging as you did in the past.

If your answer is “yes,” then have a New Year’s note that communicates to your members why you are their best choice for living a longer and healthier life, and how you are committed to delivering on your health and wellness promise in 2019. 

If your club communicates this pledge and delivers the outcomes promised, you will see major benefits in the retention levels that will financially support your new equipment and capital improvements.

Cheers to a happier and healthier 2019.

Kevin McHugh is the COO of The Atlantic Club.

Kevin McHugh

Kevin McHugh is the chief operating officer of The Atlantic Club. He can be reached at kevinm@theatlanticclub.com.

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