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Personalized Mobile Companion Will Enhance Fitness Journeys at Blink Fitness

personalized mobile companion

Blink Fitness is on a continuous journey to enhance the member experience, and the latest development for the brand is the launch of its own fitness app. Created specifically for Blink Fitness members, it’s designed to act as a personal guide through individual fitness journeys.

“We’re referring to this as the ‘personalized mobile companion,’” said Todd Magazine, the CEO of Blink Fitness. “The whole idea is about helping deliver information and content in a very personalized way to people who have different needs.”

Making a personalized product was of the utmost importance for Blink Fitness. After conducting extensive research in the industry — of over 3,000 gym-goers — a common theme was the desire for more personalized content.

“Most of the information you get today — particularly in fitness — is made up of generic responses,” explained Magazine. “If you search for something, it’s never going to be personalized for your specific needs. We realized there was a whole unmet need where we could be providing to people personalized information geared toward their objectives.”

personalized mobile companion
App content is curated based on the filters a user sets.

To meet any possible need a member might have, the personalized mobile companion filters its content through three basic categories: fitness, nutrition and rejuvenation.

If your information — gathered during the “intake” when you download and run the app — says you’re interested in building muscle, for example, the personalized mobile companion will customize your feed to give you the best workouts and tips for building muscle.

And users don’t have to worry about the content getting stale. “We’re not developing any of the content — we’re working with third-party providers,” explained Magazine. “It’s a very robust list of dozens and dozens of sources with thousands and thousands of pieces of content. It’s got everything from workouts to recipes to articles about stretching.”

Every user’s feed will be different, tuned to their specific needs. And as a member’s fitness journey progresses, and their needs and habits change, so will the app’s content.

“As you interact with the tool and you’re reading articles, downloading videos or using the workouts, it’s learning your behavior,” said Magazine. “It’s seeing the things you’re interested in, and it takes what it’s learning and refines whatever is curated, and it ultimately comes into your feed.”

And in an effort to always keep the personalized mobile companion relevant for members, the app will be undergoing regular updates, based on initial ideas that are still in development, as well as feedback from Blink Fitness members.

“There are a lot of features that we’ll be adding over time,” said Magazine. “You’re going to see continual updates on a regular basis — new content, new information, new features.”

With the personalized mobile companion, members of Blink Fitness can even use the app to gain access to their facility. But more importantly, this new app will act as a guide and personalized educator for any individual.

“Where we’re taking the technology is to really focus on personalization, and how we can better meet the needs of our members based on their unique and specific goals and objectives,” said Magazine. “We’re very focused on personalizing the experience so people aren’t getting a one-size-fits-all experience.”

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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