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Percussive Therapy: Reinventing Recovery

percussive therapy recovery

A crucial part of our health and wellness journey is being mindful and tuned in to our body’s recovery and healing processes. Whether it’s taking a rest day after an intense training session or making the most of some recuperative downtime after a week’s worth of wear and tear on your body, recovery is the natural way of pressing the reset button to reboot, recharge and prepare us for what is next.  

Applying pressure to areas of the body brings both physiological and psychological benefits, and is a tactic that’s been practiced for centuries. As the concept of massage has evolved, so too have the products and services that facilitate the application of pressure, such as self-myofascial tools or foam rollers. 

Percussive therapy is the latest innovation in this space and is more effective than any alternative because of the combination of scientifically-calibrated, 16-millimeter amplitude — 60% greater than the average vibration massager — and 2,400 percussion per minute frequency. It can be defined as the rapid and repetitive application of pressure — which also causes the area of the body to experience vibration. It is the pressure and vibration working together that provides the many benefits. The latest scientific evidence has shown the effects of percussive therapy are larger and longer lasting than vibration alone1

Percussive therapy is an all-natural and pill-free recovery tool developed to quickly improve your overall health, wellness and mobility. It is an evidence-based modality that has been shown to have a number of benefits. 

For example, it can help increase range of motion and improve movement, improve the health and function of soft tissues, reduce soreness and muscle tension, promote relaxation and relieve stress, while it also increases blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, accelerating your body’s natural recovery processes. Compared to other recovery modalities, the versatility of percussive therapy makes it for every​body. ​It can be used before exercise to increase blood flow and mobility after exercise as a recovery tool, or just at home regularly to ease aches and tightness.

For gym owners, percussive therapy is an added value tool, providing members and guests with unique services, in-house experiences and even retail components. Many new technologies integrate with percussive therapy devices to allow gyms to generate revenue, like rental models, for instance. The ability to personalize the experience, ease of use and inclusivity of the device’s design make percussive therapy the ultimate wellness solution.  

1. Macaulay, T.R., Ramirez, J.E., Choi, J., Jones, M., Schroeder, E.T. (2019). Blood flow response and changes in fluid distributions after percussive massage therapy. ​Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise​ . S226 Vol. 49 No. 5 Supplement.

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts is the director of sports science at Therabody. More information can be found at therabody.com.

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