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The Importance of Recovery Post-Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic forced many people to work from home, causing longer periods of sitting and inactivity without the proper office equipment or support. With less mobility, people are less prepared for jumping into any exercise routine. To combat this, gyms need to put recovery at the top of their priority list.

“Getting back into the swing of things post-COVID, our bodies will need to re-acclimate to being mobile again,” said Nick Trosko, the vice president of global business at Therabody. “Although recovery is mostly seen as a post-workout protocol, it is something that can be integrated throughout an entire workout or activity. Warming up, activating your body and adding a recovery routine plays an important part in overall wellness and mobility.”

A beneficial recovery tool that can be easily transported wherever you go is a percussive therapy device, such as the Theragun. The combination of amplitude and frequency aids in ensuring your members’ bodies are getting the targeted myofascial release necessary to prevent and alleviate stiffness and pain, all while immediately setting their bodies up for movement.

Adding Theragun to your facility will not only help your members with recovery, but can also serve as an additional revenue stream.

“In a commercial setting, Theragun’s new smart devices provide a unique, immersive customer experience,” said Trosko. “The Bluetooth technology allows members to connect with the new Therabody app, enabling them to learn how to use the device properly by following the guided programs at any time of their workout. This new feature provides club owners the ability to offer percussive therapy as a significant value-add item to your membership menu, and quickly create a brand-new revenue stream.”

As your club reopens, it may be difficult to think about anything besides reducing person-to-person contact, creating contactless check-ins and organizing pre-workout temperature checks. While those efforts will help ease the minds of most members, cleanliness concerns will still be fresh on members’ minds as they slowly acclimate back to normalcy. However, the cleanliness of the Theragun is one less item the club members and your staff will have to worry about.

“Each of the Theragun attachments are made with non-porous, closed-cell foam which do not absorb lotion, sweat or oils, making the attachments easy to clean with disinfecting wipes,” said Trosko. “This leads to a more hygienic user experience. Members can confidently use the smart percussive therapy device during their time at the gym without sanitation concerns.”

The easy-to-clean attachments are one of many well-thought-out designs of the Theragun. According to Trosko, all of its features were carefully crafted to produce the signature combination of scientifically calibrated 16mm amplitude, 60% greater than the average vibration massager, and 2,400 percussion per minute frequency in an ergonomic and effective manner.

“Most solutions required sacrificing Theragun’s technical specifications — whether it was speed or amplitude — to make the device sound quieter, but that is not a sacrifice Theragun was willing to make,” said Trosko. “The new 4th generation Theragun devices successfully addressed a noise concern by adding a proprietary brushless motor that’s so quiet, you will wonder if it’s on.”

Therabody’s patented Theragun Triangle multi-grip design was engineered to prevent strain and tension while using the device. “Unlike other devices in the industry, Therabody devices feature four grips to eliminate strain on your forearms, wrists and hands,” said Trosko. “It’s designed to float over the body with no added pressure. The perfectly weighted balance allows for easy use by professionals and everyday people alike, with little stress or pressure on the body.”

While percussive therapy is a relatively new concept, it has generated immediate interest since the first Theragun was released. The product has a very large and broad consumer appeal and members tend to be eager to learn more about the device.

Still not sure if the product is right for your facility? Consider that percussive therapy is a new concept which generates immediate interest from an in-club experience, through either a personal trainer or autonomously.

In fact, members can engage in an autonomous user experience through Therabody’s newly designed app and personalized wellness routines, allowing them to quickly understand the value being offered. This will easily open the door for a profitable in-club or ecommerce retail opportunity.

“Therabody provides ultimate flexibility for organizations to help them facilitate the most profitable and efficient methods of retail that match their capabilities,” explained Trosko. “Therabody also provides all of the necessary tools to successfully facilitate lucrative retail initiatives including marketing, process and fulfillment.”

With the help of Therabody, you can create the most frictionless retail experience for your members and staff. According to Trosko, the smart percussive therapy devices are now Bluetooth enabled, allowing members to easily connect to the Therabody app giving them on-the-go, easy-to-adopt, rich educational content and defined programming at the palm of their hands. So, rather than members purchasing their percussive therapy devices through other retail channels, an educated consumer can now confidently purchase a device directly through your club.

Of course, recovery doesn’t just encompass a post-workout routine.

“Similar to a warmup or a quick activation in between sets, providing a muscle relief solution is beneficial before, during and after any workout,” said Trosko. “Theragun’s percussive therapy devices’ proprietary state-of-the-art technology effectively reduces muscle tension, accelerates recovery, improves performance, and can be used in your daily workout and work-from-home routine.” 

After the pandemic, which has led to gyms being closed and a decrease in members’ mobility, it is more important than ever to explain to members how vital recovery and percussive therapy can be for not only their fitness, but their daily lives too.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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