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5 Things the Best Leaders Will Do Post-Pandemic


As a result of the coronavirus, the club world was shaken to its core. Our facilities were left dark, cold and empty for months. While they will likely never be the same, our clubs will absolutely be back. In fact, they’ll be better for the long haul — but only if our leaders up their game. In times of heightened stress, we must improve the way we lead.

Here are five things the best leaders will do post-pandemic:

1. The best leaders will adapt more than ever. They will reevaluate sick time and remote work policies to fit the club’s new normal. 

2. The best leaders will listen more than ever. They will understand that effective ideas are far more important than trying to be the first one with all the answers. They will finally realize listening is leading.

3. The best leaders will learn more than ever. They will not fake it until they make it. They will say “I don’t know” and rely on both experts and data to guide decision-making for the club.

4. The best leaders will engage more than ever. They will reach out to employees at every level using their preferred communication method. They will make communication and connection easier, and more accessible for their teams.

5. The best leaders will care more than ever. They will lead with empathy, patience and compassion, as many employees will be working in an anxious and conflicted head space while we all adapt to the uncertainty around us.

The pandemic is undoubtedly changing the fitness industry. For this reason, strong leadership matters more than ever. The future will be bright and there is cause for hope. 

However, the way in which leaders convey this hope is critical. Your team is looking at you, and seeking out needed confidence to remain in the industry and come out on top together. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Derek Deprey

Derek Deprey is the director of people and service at Wisconsin Athletic Club.

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