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Trend Alert: Data-Driven Engagement and Connectivity


Keeping members engaged in their fitness journeys is the primary purpose of health clubs, and effectively doing so requires a strong knowledge of the tools that resonate most with members — programs, equipment and amenities, etc. It’s also important to stay current with the latest trends in programming and equipment so you can keep your offerings fresh.

According to Thomson Remo, a Wattbike Master Trainer and business development lead at Wattbike, the main trend in programming and equipment is connectivity through technology. “Technology, connectivity and wearable innovations have made fitness an integral part of daily life,” he said. “Members don’t leave their fitness journey behind when they leave the gym — they take it with them.”

As members are seeking more connectivity between their fitness goals and aspects of everyday life, it’s essential for health clubs to bring the right technological capabilities to their facilities.

“The industry needs to integrate ways of allowing and supporting this connectivity, inside and outside the gym,” said Remo. “Gyms are constantly evolving and finding new ways to enhance the member experience. In many cases, this is through gyms’ apps or connectivity with third-party apps, allowing members to keep using their favorite trackers, letting them train the way they want.”

Members — and general consumers, for that matter — are busier than ever, so it’s important to use technology to give members a worthwhile experience every time they workout. “People are time poor, so they need their training to be smart and time efficient, using accurate data to place them in specific training zones in order to reach their individual goals in the fastest time,” explained Remo. “Training in this way gets results, and seeing results is what retains members.”

While technology has seeped into every aspect of programming and equipment, indoor cycling is one specific area that has been heavily impacted by technological developments.

“Technology is taking indoor cycling to exciting new heights,” said Remo. “Through instantaneous data collection and the ease of sharing, indoor cycling is becoming more tailored to analyzing performance metrics, which can also be used by coaches and instructors to train more personally with individuals, even in a group exercise setting.”

Indoor cycling is emblematic of the direction many exercise programs are moving: data. A major driver of participation is that feeling of making progress, and using data to show a member detailed changes to their bodies and performance is critical to keeping them engaged.

“Training has now become data-driven,” said Remo. “This leap in tracking performance data has meant consumers are no longer satisfied with just knowing simple information, such as their step count and their weight.”

If your club is looking to integrate more data-driven, engaging cycling experiences, Wattbike has released the new Wattbike AtomX. “This new smart bike is the pinnacle of indoor cycling excellence,” said Remo. “With built-in interactive workouts, tests, training plans and climb mode — all accessible from the high-definition touchscreen — AtomX allows riders to automatically change resistance to follow structured workouts, simulate gradient changes and mimic real climbs from around the world.”

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine. He can be reached at bobby@peakemedia.com.

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